Are you wishing Spring comes already? If Spring can’t come to you, then you can bring it inside your home! I’ve gathered 15+ home spring decor ideas for you!

Spring is a time of the year that i love, many great things happened during this time like my birthday and my weeding. It’s a time of the year that everything seems so fresh, colorful and vibrant.

I also love doing some organization prior to spring so i can enjoy the most of it and free my time to worry less with house chores and actually tackle my hobbies or new goals.

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Home Spring decor ideas

Now, let’s find out how to achieve wonderful Spring vibes right at home:

#1 Floral centerpieces

home spring decor

The quickest way to bring the Spring inside our homes is by adding some gorgeous flowers. It can be in bouquets, flowers in pots or even a single flowers in a vase. The flower scent and color will brighten up your decor.

#2 Throws and pillows

home spring decor

Don’t like much flowers? Don’t worry!

Another great way to update a space and give it new life is by easily exchanging throws and pillows for more colorful ones. That way you will have that pop of color that the fresh flowers bring.

You can use colors like coral, salmon, yellow in the pillows and throws either solid colors or even choosing floral patterns is a great way to add that spring touch at home.

#3 Wallpaper

home spring decor

There are so many options for wallpaper that it can be a great way to springify any space in your home. And, this is a more renter friendly solution.

There’s no need to use only floral patterns, you can use a plaided or checked pattern that resembles picnic towels, which can be a really cute accent, even more if you like the farmhouse style.

Another pattern that can work with the Spring theme is bids patterns or any element that remembers you of this season.

#4 Paint your walls with bold colors

home spring decor

Thinking of updating your walls? Paint is a great option that helps you set a mood in a space. There’s the possibility of painting the whole wall, half of it or even doing some geometric design.

Use bold colors and bring nature inside your house!

#5 Add a Spring wreath to your door

home spring decor

Isn’t nice to be welcomed by flowers? A nice wreath filled with flowers and a pretty bow make for a warm entrance.

#6 Use lanterns

I don’t know about you but, lanterns with small led lights inside remind me of firefly hunting at my grandma’s house. That’s one of the reasons i love decorating with lanterns.

The other reason is because lanterns set a nice mood, specially at night in the exterior of you home or even inside.

#7 Add a gardening nook

home spring decor

Adding a gardening nook is the perfect way to store your gardening tools and everything you need to take care of your plants and flowers. It will also give you a place to work with your plants, leaving the mess outside.

#8 Make use of Spring themed signs or prints

home spring decor

Using wall art to decorate your home is a quick and not so expensive way to add that spring vibe to your home you can even do the prints yourself!

#9 Use colorful glassware

home spring decor

I bet you have lots of beautiful glassware, use them as decor! Decorate your cupboard or shelves with them.

#10 Put out your fun and colorful serveware

Are you having guests? Use some fun and colorful serveware to bring the vibrant vibes from Spring to your table! Plus, what’s best than decorating with what we already have!

#11 Clean and update your patio

home spring decor

Prepare your patio to enjoy some time with your family and friends outdoors.

Exchange the covers from the furniture with some gorgeous yellow stripes and combine them with some textured pillows in neutral or orange color. Adding yellow gives a fresh look to your patio!

#12 Have more plants at home!

home spring decor

Yep, make sure to use plants! That’s an easy way to bring nature indoors and have clean air at home!

Don’t be afraid of plants, there are lots of plants that are hard to kill! I have one of those and let me tell you, even if i forget to water it it keeps growing beautifully!

#13 Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is really resistant and widely used as outdoor furniture so having some pieces made of rattan inside your home can easily bring the outdoors into your home.

#14 Go all white with some fresh blooms

home spring decor

If you aren’t a lover of color then what about maintaining an all white or neutral space and just adding some fresh blooms to a vase? Minimal intervention for an effective Spring decor!

#15 Decorate with pastels

Using pastels are a great option if you don’t like bold colors, add it on the decor, on your walls, use wallpaper. Be creative!

#16 Add more nature inspired decor pieces

If Spring is what we want our home to feel then nature is what we need to be inspired by. Use natural fibers, wood, rattan on rugs, decor items, furniture.

#17 Go bold with your rug

Changing your rug can also make a big impact in the space and add that pop of color for your home spring decor.

#18 Use fresh scents around your home

home spring decor

Last but not least, incorporate Spring with fresh scents at home like gardenias, citrus, jasmine or even fruity scents.

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There you have lots of ideas for achieving a home spring decor! What do you think? Ready for Spring?


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