Hey you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas alongside your loved ones filled with love, laughs and delicious food and I wish your New Year is as good or even better! For this, i wanted to show you how to energize your home for the New Year using color!

Make use of color psychology in your home and bring the best energies that color can provide you. Take a look:

Colors meaning

White for peace

Start 2020 surrounded with a more peaceful space! White is a great option for those who seek for a calmer New Year and more harmony inside their homes. Decorate using neutral light colors with white accents around your home.

  1. Comfy Throw Pillow | 2. Extra Soft Sheets Set | 3. Mid-Century Club Chair | 4. Hosley Set of 3 Honeycomb Vase | 5. White Elephant Planter

Yellow for success

If you are seeking to achieve your goals for 2020 then use yellow to bring all the positive vibes of success and prosperity towards you and your loved ones.

Yellows is also known for being a vibrant and positive color that stimulates creativity so, feel this color warmth and be happy!

  1. Kimdio Ceramic Pineapple Planter | 2. Sunflower Accent Pillow | 3. Lemons Dish Towel Set of 4 | 4. Chevron Blanket Throw | 5. Lemon Dinnerware Set

Green for hope

For hope and new beginnings green is the color your looking for. It’s a color that also represents strengh, easily found arround us in nature, it brings harmony and balance to our lives.

And, if you add this color with plants around your house, it will also help with purifying the air, thus strengthening your family’s health!

  1. Duhome Green Ottoman | 2. Floral Decorative Pillow | 3. Dark Green Utility Cart | 4. Design House Industrial Wall light | 5. Bersuse Cotton Throw Blanket

Red for love

To intensify the affection vibes in your house add some red accents here and there. Start this New Year filled with love for what you have, what you will achieve, for your loved ones, for everyone around us.

Let’s be more loving towards everyone and specially towards ourselves.

  1. Deep red Arm Chair | 2. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven | 3. Kitchen Towels Set of 4 | 4. Marble Creek Ceramic Mug | 5. Plaid decorative pillow

Ready to energize your home for this New Year? What are you looking for in 2020?

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  1. Love these ideas! I always think that I am partial to white and neutral colors as I love the look of an uncomplicated look with clean lines. However, it never works out that way. I always end up being drawn to the flashy bold colors – I love the greens and yellows you have shown here – so maybe that means I will have hope and success in my future!

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