What better way to start 2020 than to declutter and organize your home. I’m bringing you the best tips to organize your home and begin this new year with a fresh start!

Benefits to declutter and organize your home

There are so many benefits to declutter and organize your home for the new year.

Preparing yourself and your house to receive 2020 is an excellent option for a self-care action. Receiving guests won’t be a matter of stress, having an organized space will also boost your productivity because, you won’t have to search your whole house for what you need.

A decluttered, organized and clean home can help with keeping your and your family’s health, as well as, your pets health!

Long lost hobbies will be found again since with an organization system you will have the time again to take care of you and not just your home!

Best tips for an organized home!

Don’t leave your mess behind

If you just made a mess, clean it! The longer you wait to clean it the bigger the mess will get and the less you’ll be inclined to put everything in it’s place again.

Wash, dry and put away

Is unbelievable how quick the dishes pile in the kitchen. It’s as there are gnomes using all your kitchen ware and making it dirty just for you to wash! Yep! that’s what i think lol

But, seriously, if every time you use something from the kitchen you just wash, dry and put it in its place the dishes won’t pile. It will give you less work.

Make your bed

Start the day with the right foot! Don’t go leaving any messes behind, making your bed will instantly give your bedroom a more tidy look.

Quick clean up before bed

Doing a quick clean up before going to sleep is great so you wake up with a better organized home and without the feeling that there’s a lot for you to do.

Put your shoes, pet toys or your kids toys in their correct storage spaces and your done!

Getting any mess of your floors is a great quick clean up.

Mess-Free counters

This tips to organize your home counts for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Keep your counters mess free! Decluttering this working spaces makes everything look better instantly.

Put your stuff away immediately

Instead of coming home taking off your shoes and coat and living them laying around, put them away. This will help you avoid little messes around your house.

Clean as you go!

Found something is out of place? Take it with you and put it in the right place. Cleaning as your go helps minimize the mess around your home and keeps everything tidy.

Use storage boxes

This square friends are perfect to keep all your cables or smaller items organized by category or function. It makes it way easier to find what you need when you need it.

All those tips will help you keep the order around your home on a daily basis so if you transform them into habits keeping your home tidy won’t be a problem.

Now, for really preparing your house to receive the New Year with full strength and focus on your goals here is an organization challenge.

The organization challenge!

This challenge will help you put in order every corner of your home with a fun, quick and stress free method. It will take you 10 weeks, for each space you will declutter, organize and clean all the appliances.

Getting rid of whatever you don’t use, whatever is broken and cannot be fixed, make 3 piles of everything.

What you’ll keep, what you’ll reuse and what you’ll donate. Here is the list in the order that i like to tackle my house. Starting by the public spaces, so they will all be ready for guests.

tips to organize your home

There you have my method and best tips to tackle my house and free my time to focus on all my hobbies, my family and my goals for 2020!

What do you like to do when a new year begins? Do you have some tips to organize your home? I would love to hear it all so, leave a message below!

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Ah! If you are the kind of person who needs some incentive to get things done, what about a challenge?

While looking around for more tips and hacks to keep my house clean i found Mary’s 2020 Declutter Challenge, i liked it because it’s only 13 weeks and she will break down each week with a blog post explaining the week challenge.


  1. Thank you for this post. My anxiety skyrockets when my house is not organized or clutter free. I guess this is a good and bad thing. lol. Happy Holidays!

  2. I wish I could say that I have as organised approach as you do. What you say makes perfect sense and I think a lot of it is just ensuring you stay disciplined and follow the rules/guidelines during the year to keep the home looking good. Having a system and a set of rules to follow certainly seems like the best way to go. Thanks for sharing your system here.

  3. Love the challenge and will for sure join! I cleaned up/organized most of the house before the holidays but garage, cabinets and pantry still needs attention. It only takes the first step!!

  4. If only my 15 year old would follow these instructions and tips. She seems to feel that she lives in a hotel where we give fresh new towels after one shower. Our breakfast bar sometimes doubles as a desk, storage locker and junk drawer and is Typically where everything winds up. I am a very organized person so anything out of order drives me crazy. I am going to give this a try and I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. I love your post and you’ve encouraged me to try to become more organised. (I’m not at the moment) I’ll try your goal worksheet to tackle one room at a time.

  6. Orgaization is always on myind this time of year! I usually do a good deep clean amd organize after putting away all of the holiday stuff. Your tips on how to keep ot that way will be very helpful too! That’s always my problem, I spend weeks organizing and then it seems like of only takes a few days for it all to fall apart!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome tips!

  7. There are a lot of useful tips here! I need to work on the washing and putting away the dishes more, a lot of times after dinner I am just tired so I do it in the morning/after work but it helps keep up with everything to do it after dinner.

  8. Washing your dishes as you go is seriously one of the best things you can do for clean kitchen. If you are smack every time you use them, it takes two minutes. The minute you start waving, it becomes a Job. Thanks for the tips — definitely going to incorporate some of them.

  9. These are great tips for organising your home. I really want to declutter my house this year.

  10. A decluttered, organized and clean home is my happy place. I cannot stand any kind of clutter and tend to stay as minimalist as possible – less stuff for me to clean or put away!

  11. I have been searching for ways to organize and de-clutter my apartment! I’m really limited on space and have tried to minimize what I have – it’s been a process! haha I like this challenge, it makes de-cluttering less overwhelming and you can focus on one room at a time!

  12. I love simple and totally doable steps for a better life! Cluttered home is a pain and it is often hard to start changing things

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