It’s Monday 16 and we are on count down for Christmas! Are your Christmas presents all ready? Here is a beautiful and quick DIY wrapping paper idea for you!

Since this year we made a huge expense with buying our house, i decided not to buy Christmas ornaments nor wrapping paper. And, since i had some kraft paper from moving i decided to use my creative side.

Diy wrapping paper materials

Here are the materials i used for making the wrapping paper:

diy wrapping paper materials
  • kraft paper
  • ruler (ended up not using it lol )
  • Silver and Gold BIC permanent marker
  • Black and Red Artline MultiPen marker (this are my favorite! but haven’t found anymore to buy! if you know where i can find it leave me a comment below! tks =D)
  • White Uniball Signo gel pen
  • Black and Red Stabilo fine pen 0.4

The creative process

I thought about making the paper sheets and them wrapping the paper first, but then i thought it would be better to wrap the gift and then draw on it.

I made 4 kinds of wrapping depending on the gift shape.

Got one fully patterned with christmas trees, on the bigger one i drew candy canes. The third, i made it quite simple just a don’t open until Christmas stamp and happy xmas on the botton.

TIP: i made everything by hand and didn’t really measure anything but if you want a more neat looking visual draw a grid with pencil on your paper and use a stamp to make your pattern.

diy wrapping paper for christmas

For the last kind, i saw a gorgeous cake on Pinterest, decorated with gingerbread houses and i thought it would look really cute to make those on the bottom of the gift box because the color of the kraft paper kinda resembles the color of the cookie.

diy wrapping paper

I also decided to make some cute tags with the persons initial using some polymer clay i had left.

Just roll the clay until you get the desired thickness of your tag, cut it with a cookie cutter and after it’s all dry you can draw with permanent marker on it.

I found some really cute cookie cutters with the shape of tags, i’ll link them below if you would like to get them. I’m definitely getting this for next year or probably an upcoming project.

There are my gifts all wrapped and ready for Christmas! Try to reuse everything you have instead of buying new, that way you can save some money and by using what you already have your creative side will come to light!

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  1. Love these ideas!! I’m the worst at gift wrapping, and I’ve just kind of given up on it. But this post has literally motivated me to step up my game!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love this idea so much! I’m imaging if your art skills aren’t up to snuff you could use some inexpensive stamps as well. Or maybe the poor artwork woudl be a gift they woudl always remember. Love the tag ideas as well. I have to save this for future gifts.

  3. Such an adorable idea! The tags are super cute and you don’t even need mad skills to come up with something great. The simple looks beautiful. I have a ton of craft paper, now I know how to use it haha Feliz Natal!

  4. I LOVE THIS!! I especially love the Christmas trees wrapping paper. I used to like to really go all out with the wrapping and making my own bows. Now there is just no time! Unfortunately my wrapping was done on a bed and doesn’t even have perfect creases! However, I really don’t think my kids will care.

  5. Beautiful and creative gift wrapping ideas! I love receiving a gift that has been artistically decorated, it makes the gift all the more special. This would be a fun project to do with kids to add a personal touch to a gift.

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