Hey you trend seeker! Here is Pantone Color of the year 2020! Let me get you inside the scoop and show you how you can add this color in your home decor!

It’s not always i agree with the Pantone colors of the year but, i have to say i loved this color. Let’s cut the suspense, the color for 2020 is (drums rolling) Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue!

Yep! It’s an elegant and calming blue shade!

If you love this color, LET. ME. TELL. YOU, there are soooo many ways to add it in your home design!

Calling out all blue lovers, new home owners and whoever wants to revamp their home design with Pantone color of the year 2020…here are 5 + awesome ways to add the Classic Blue in your home!

5+ Easy and on budget ways to add the Classic Blue!

Decor items

If you’ve got a neutral home color palette and /or you already have blue in the palette as well, adding the Classic Blue won’t be a problem!

Plus, you can find an infinity of decoration items with really good prices!

Because i’m happy to help keep you inspired with transforming your house into a home and, i also want to help you do it with inexpensive solutions i must tell you about one person that i absolutely LOVE and follow everyday (yep, i check here account every week lol).

It’s Aubrey from Clearance Hunter! She finds the best items on sale. I’ll leave her instagram account below so you can check it out!

Accent wall

Another way of adding 2020 Pantone color is adding an accent wall in your home! And we have lots of ways to do this, like:

  • Painting the wall
  • Adding wall paper
  • Making a beautiful trimmed wall

Here is a gorgeous idea of walls with trim treatment in the Classic blue color. What do you think about it? Too bold for you or are you already planning where to put it?

pantone color of the year

You can also make an accent wall with wall paper. It’s quick and there are some really nice options in the market.

If you have never installed wall paper i recommend using adesive wall paper this will eliminate one step on the process and will actually make it easier for you to install.

Believe me, i tried to install wall paper without it being adhesive and boy it was really hard! You need to spread really well the glue, try to keep air bubbles out and be careful not to reap the paper because since the glue is liquid the paper gets even more fragile.

You don’t need me to tell you that everything i said above, actually happened to me! lol

Shop related!


This decorative item is the cheapest and easiest way to give any space of your home a new look. You can find pillows in all sizes and shapes, i’ll list some of the ones i liked the most below (if you want to check them out, just click on the image).


Throw blankets are a must for me! I think i have an old soul because, at the end of the day i get cold and need something warm and cozy to warm me up.

Place them in your sofa, arm chairs, your bed…anywhere! Throw blankets add a more lived in feeling, as well as, an inviting look.


Another great way to add big chunks of color in a space without painting it is adding the color in your curtains!

Patterned curtains with the blue as accent color or plain solid curtains, you can play with them and decide how you want to add interest to your walls.

Shop related!

I know, my last 2 options aren’t exactly very affordable but, i’ve got a solution for that if you are up for some little manual work.


If you don’t have the budget to buy a new sofa or an arm chair upholstered with the color of the year, but you still want one to add a point of interest in your design with the Classic Blue color you can head to good will find a piece with great structure and reupholstered yourself!

And to proof you it is possible to reupholster furniture even if you don’t have experience, i found a great video from Taylor Alice showing that you only need patience and attention!


Yep, kind of expensive too. But, area rugs can make a huge difference in any space! So, i went ahead and found 03 gorgeous options for under $100!

Shop the look!

Did you liked the idea of DIYing the upholstered chair? Want to know how to make a rug for yourself? Then check out The Handyman’s Daughter tutorial on how to make a drop cloth area rug!

The end result is gorgeous!

Those were my suggestions on how to easily and on a cheap way add the Pantone Color of the year 2020 in your home design!

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  1. Blue can be a hard color to work with because it can tend to darken up a room. We painted a half bath in our house a darker blue but did the bottom in a white wainscoting to break it up a bit. I like your tip on using a rug or throw pillows to add just enough of the color.

  2. While we don’t currently have one in our house, I have always loved the look that an accent wall gives. We have been talking about doing a complete overhaul in our bedroom, and if we do I will definitely be looking at adding one… I’m not totally sure what colour we would use, but blue is on the list!

  3. I am crazy about this color! it looks fantastic. Probably the best for me. yes I love blue. Pantone colors are always remarkable but if it’s blue color we talk about it’s even better. if you ask me I love it in any form: big or small

  4. light blue is great in the sky and the ocean and try it in the house and it is a different ball game. A wonderful take on everything to do with blue and lovely colors. Happy holidays.
    jerry godinho

  5. Love the Pantone Color of the Year and your ideas with home decor. It makes me want to decorate my living room

  6. I love accent walls. I put one in my house that is a really amazing combination of blue and grey. It is a favorite of mine, because I can accent it easily with a lighter silver color to have a really nice mix of light and dark colors. That is what I did with my curtains as well. The walls are mostly white, ceiling an egg shell color, and then the blue/grey accent wall. I then put up curtains and other accents that would work wonderfully with both colors. I’m also like you in that I stash blankets everywhere in my house, including my office. I am constantly cold, so even minus the aesthetic look and cozy vibe, they are just useful. You have inspired me to go make some pillows now. That is the one accent thing I hadn’t even considered.

    1. your home seems beautiful! i’m glad my ideas helped! looove throw blankets, it’s so nice to have beautiful decor that is useful as well right? i’m glad my ideas helped! =D

  7. I really like this color as well!! A fellow food blogger of mine is creating a recipe round up of all the blue vegan meals you can make! It’s going to look stunning!

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