Hey you! How you’ve been? My weekend was filled with activities because it was my baby sister birthday! So, i didn’t get a chance to finish my Christmas gifts shopping. With that in mind, i thought it would be a great time to make a gift guide for the small space owner.

Since storage and organisation options are the best for a small space i decided to cover every corner of your house with some awesome ideas!

I’ll keep this post organised for you to easily find everything you need. Let’s start with the home entrance and work our way through all the house.

Home Entrance gift guide

Keeping your home entrance organised is crucial to make a small space seem bigger, clutter will make your house seem smaller!

You must be thinking, wine rack? She told this was for organisation!? Well, it is! You can use this cute wine racks as shoe racks! They are different, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they don’t use floor space which is valuable in a small space!

Baskets are always great storage options so, i couldn’t let them out of the list right? Another great idea i found was this cute hanging pocket frames! Ideal to organise your mail. And hooks, of course, just add a mirror above the hooks and you’ll have a great station to get ready in your way out.

christmas gift guide for the small space owner
  1. Mateo Woven Wine Rack | 2. Billie Belly Basket | 3. Thea Wall Mounted Wine Rack | 4. Hanging Pocket Frame | 5. Cerco Hook Rack

Living & Dining room

Since in smaller spaces the living and dining are often in an open concept layout i’ll give you some great gift guide ideas for this spaces.

Thought of using a smaller cabinet as a tv rack and a trunk to double as a side or center table. Also, added a storage bin because they are great to store little things.

Last but not least, a wire basket because you can use it as is or, you can put a top on it and use it as storage and a cute versatile side table!

best gift guide for small spaces
  1. Caned Chest | 2. Round Wire Storage | 3. Paulonia Wood Bin | 4. Salim Storage Trunk

Kitchen gift guide

The kitchen is the place that i find the most need for storage options. So, if you don’t have floor space to add a cabinet you can always add small storage to your walls. Instead of using the fold out desk for your office, use it as storage for your spices and other cooking items!

Sometimes we have some vertical space in our cabinets that could be used so, adding extra shelving can solve that for you! When you are lacking horizontal space think vertical!

Add a pan tree to organize those big space users and a cabinet turntable to have everything you need for a delicious meal at your reach!

christmas gift guide for small space owners
  1. Wall Mount Folding desk | 2. Storage shelves | 3. Pan tree organizer | 4. Trays/Cutting board organizer | 5. Cabinet turntable

Bathroom gift guide for a small space

I find bathrooms really tricky! They are quite small but we still need space to store various things right?

So for your shower, caddys are great to store everything you’ll need during your shower time. For your sink, keep it organised with a cute bath set and hooks for your towels.

If you need more storage you can always add some open shelving with a wire basket. I recommend giving preference to wire baskets because of all the steam in the bathroom.

christmas gift guide for small space owners
  1. Bathroom Shower Caddy | 2. Wire Stackable Basket | 3. Double Wall Hook | 4. Cream crackle set | 5. Block Wall Shelf

Bedroom gift guide for a small space owner

For small bedroom always keeping it without clutter is the best thing you can do. Seize this holidays to do some decluttering around your home!

Use trays and organizers to keep your makeup, jewelery and perfumes tidy. If you have little space you can also use ottomans with storage and then can function as additional seating when you need it.

Love having a tv on your bedroom? Then what about using a bookcase as a tv rack or even as a vanity?

  1. Bookcase | 2. Storage Cube | 3. Vanity Makeup organizer | 4. Tiered Poise tray | 5.Vanity tray

Hope this guide helps you to find an awesome gift for you or your friend who live in a small space.

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  1. I am often times criticized in my home for being over organized by my family members but these are some great ideas. I love the pan tree. The problem would be getting my lazy kids to stack it all right. I also like the wire basket look in almost all situations.

  2. These gift ideas would be perfect for anyone living in a small home or apartment. I especially like the bookcase and storage cube.

  3. All of these are fabulous ideas and in this case, not thinking for gifts, but for myself. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and am always on the lookout for things that can help me save space and organize my crap. Erm, I mean stuff. 😉

  4. I love your posts like this! I think you did another one that was similar and it totally is the best way to figure out how to decorate when you have a small space. You make things look so fashionable and, at the same time, they can be very useful as well. Maybe one day you will do a post that is something like, “How to decorate when you have toddlers,” or, “How a mom can decorate when she has a house full of boys!” LOL. Boys and toddlers break everything! It’s like they don’t even see that there is a piece of furniture or item directly in their line of path!

  5. You’ve got some great suggestions here. I don’t have an overly small space, but I LOVE things that make my home look organized and clean – especially because I’m already busy enough cleaning up dog hair and cat toys, I don’t need to be worrying about how to deal with clutter too! I love the trays/cutting board organizer – something I think I need to add to my own wish list!

  6. I must confess that I am not buying these items for others, I am putting them on my wish list! I am a stickler for organization in my house because it is small, and there are several things that would help me tremendously. The wine rack as a shoe rack is genius. My husband has shoes for every kind of weather because he works outside, and I am forever fighting for space to keep them all.

  7. Lovely pieces, I absolutely adore the options. I am moving into new place currently so I am so into those little pretty things

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