Hey you! How are are you? It’s been sooo hectic for me that i haven’t even finished decorating for Christmas or even chosen my Christmas advent calendar for this year!

To be fair, there are so many different advent calendars that i don’t even know which one to choose! Like, you can choose calendars with candles, sweets, beauty products, funko pop figurines…and so much more.

That’s why, i’ve made this list with all my favorite Christmas Advent Calendars, maybe if your just like me it’ll help you choose!

Let’s start!

12 Days of Sparkle Accessories Advent Calendar

Christmas advent calendar

I fell in love with this calendar! This is sooooo cute! Has lots of dainty jewelery, so it is a cute and functional advent calendar.

Plus, you can reuse the calendar as an organiser for your own jewelery, pens or any other little things that you may have.

Capri Blue 12 Days of Volcano

Christmas advent calendar

Who else loves candles? This is a great calendar for you! Every day a new candle or essence to leave your home smelling delicious.

Aren’t this candles the cutest??

L’Occitane Signature Holiday Advent Calendar

Another awesome beauty products calendar is L’Occitane’s Holiday Calendar!

I love L’Occitane products and use them daily at home so this is definitely top 3 on my favorite advent calendars. Think of it as a wellness calendar!

An advent calendar to take care of you on a different way each day until Christmas! This is a great calendar to making self-care a habit in your life!

Psiu! If my husband is reading this post…you know i would love this even as a regular gift! Hihihi

christmas advent calendar

The Body Shop Dream Big This Christmas Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar

Seriously, what is going on with all this beauty advent calendars!!! I’m simply loving them all!

I use The Body Shop Tea tree skin care line and looooove it! This is another calendar that will definitely leave you smelling good, relaxed and with a glowing skin for being stress-free.

christmas advent calendar

Man’Stuff by Technic 12 Day Christmas Advent Calendar

Browsing around, i thought, there are so many options for women beauty focused advent calendars but, what about men?

Then, i came across this calendar! It’s an advent calendar filled with 12 different miniature products for men’s bathing! It contains Bath Salts, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner and many more toiletries so man can have some self-care time too!

Christmas advent calendar for men

Reeses Advent Calendar

Ok, let’s talk sweet advent calendars, more specifically, chocolate! I don’t eat much chocolate and, when i do, a little piece will make it for me. So i always like it when i find bite sized options.

The miniature cups Reese’s Advent Calendar is perfect if you’r like me or you just love chocolate!

That chocolaty and peanuty fusion is simply delicious!

Christmas advent calendar with chocolates

KERIQI 24 Days Christmas Advent Calendars

christmas advent calendar with jewelery

This put together your own bracelet advent calendar is really cute! Plus, you can use it however you want and even change the charms so you can use it all year long!

George & Viv 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

Keeping up with the self-care theme and a search to always improve ourselves, here is another great option for a beauty calendar!

Seize this moment to create a habit of taking care of yourself to attain your best life!

christmas advent calendar

Fortnite Funko Advent Calendar

fornite funko christmas advent calendar

For all the gamers lovers, i haven’t forgotten you guys! Here is an awesome Fortnite Funko Advent Calendar!!

You’ll get to collect 24 miniature figurines from your favorite game!

Nintendo Advent Calendar Super Mario

super mario Christmas advent calendar

Are you a Nintendo lover? Or just like me, do you still play Super Mario and love it? Here is his advent calendar for you!

Oh my, i think i may get 1 or 2 ….maybe 3 advent calendars this year. One to take care of myself, another to share with my loved ones some sweet moments and maybe a last one to take care of my home with delicious fragances!

What about you? Have you already bought your Christmas advent calendar? Did you liked one from the list?

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Christmas Advent Calendar options!


  1. O, the Reese’s peanut butter cup calendar is hysterical and so original! I love how this post digs up the uncommon calendars for display instead of all the ones I see every day.

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