Let’s kick start the Christmas preparations! I think i may be a little late for this, but if your like me, you’ll like to hear about my Christmas decor projects!

This will be our (my husband and mine) first Christmas in our home so, i’m really excited to decorate it!

Even with all the excitement i don’t want to expend more money on it because we already invested quite a good amount in the purchase and renovation of our house.

Having this in mind i got some great projects that i plan to have all ready before Christmas, they are quite easy and accessible.

DIY Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas Ornaments

Scrolling down on Pinterest it was really difficult to decide what christmas decorations where my favorites, there are so many tree decor options.

But i fell in love with this simple tree decor that i can actually DIY and i have some ornaments to complement it already.

Thankfully, my neighbours have some beautiful pine trees in their properties and allowed me to pick, as many pine cones as, i needed.

I’m still not sure if i am going to paint them as to simulate snow on them or, if i will leave them natural. I think i’ll just make a test to find out which one looks better. What do you prefer? Leave a comment for me below!

Other than the pine cones i’ve got 02 more DIY ornament projects.

White Clay Stars

christmas tree ornament ideas
Image Source: Vumbaca White Ceramic Etsy Shop

I loved the crisp look of white ornaments in the Christmas tree so when i saw this gorgeous and simple stars i knew what i was going to do!

Since i got some white clay from other projects all i need is to find a big star cookie cutter. Making this is really simple, since the clay is ready you just need to spread it, cut it with the cookie mold and let it seat.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Balls

christmas decor ideas
Image Source: Mad About Plaid Etsy Shop

I’ve been looking to design my house into a modern farmhouse style and when i saw this christmas balls i simply loved them!

Thought about buying them first, but they wouldn’t get here in time. My second choice, DIY them!

You can too! You can either use transparent christmas balls or styrofoam balls and cover it with the fabric of your choice! In this case i’m going to use the red and white buffalo plaid because i felt something red was missing from my tree decor.

Tree Collar

diy christmas decor

I know i can just buy a tree collar but, i decided to try and do all my Christmas decor this year. Tree collar included!

While i was thinking of ways to make a cute Christmas tree collar, i thought of doing something that i could be able to use even after Christmas.

That way, i decided to make a tree box which i can later on use as storage or i can add some plants/flowers to decorate my home entrance.

Wood Beaded Garland

christmas diy decor wood beaded garland

I’ve been seeing more and more wood beaded decor, specially for the farmhouse decor. So i thought, what about making myself a beaded garland?

They are pretty easy and i you can make the pattern you want. The materials you’ll need to make your own garland are a fishing line (this are stronger so the garland will resist longer) and wood beads! (any color you like).

I also found, using a led string to make the garland, to be really cute also. More shine for your tree.

If your not the DIY type you can also find lots of options for beaded garlands online, seize this moment, there are lots of juicy discounts going on!

DIY Christmas Gift wrapping

Another great idea to save some money this Christmas is making your own gift wrapping!

There are so many different and beautiful ideas that i wanted to share some of them with you.

Kraft paper

diy gift wrap ideas

Kraft paper is cheap and makes for an awesome creative opportunity, look how cute and simple the presents above look!

Who knew Kraft paper, natural jute rope and a pine twig could make such wonders? I find this kind of gift wrapping gorgeous and great for a rustic Christmas decor.


diy christmas gift wrap decor

Let’s level up our kraft paper gift wrap with some really cute christmas themed stamps!! This are awesome because you can use whatever colors you want!

Since the kraft paper is neutral any color you decide to use makes for a perfect match with it. Plus the possibilities are infinite!

Handmade drawings

diy christmas decor

If you like to draw, then what about, instead of using stamps drawing your own pattern!

Like those cute candy canes on the picture above. They are pretty simple to make and quick!

White gift wrap

diy christmas gift wrap decor

Another simple and easy idea is to use is white paper gift wrap, add a cute decorative string and some greenery.

Glam it up using stamps too and creating a gorgeous pattern! Go crazy with this, like i said, the options are endless!

Want more inspiration for this Christmas? Check out my Under $25 gift guide!

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diy christmas decor


  1. So many great Christmas decor ideas! I especially like the DIY Christmas gift wrapping suggestions.

  2. I love DIY Christmas decoration, I think it makes Christmas decor look all that much more unique yet also traditional! I also really like the idea of wrapping presents with craft paper (becasue it’s recyclable, which most wrapping paper isn’t) Plus, it looks SO adorable! Great article, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love DIY decorations! I grew up in Denmark and part of almost everyone’s tradition was to make some of the decorations. There was always that day in December when we got together with friends and did staff while drinking mulled wine. Good times.

  4. I love these DIY ideas! My favorite was to color and decorate your own wrapping paper. I will see if my kids share my same enthusiasm and decorate some paper for the rest of the family.

    1. I’m so happy it helped you! That’s what I like! Uncomplicating home decor so everyone can achieve their dream spaces and feel happy and comfortable! If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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