With Christmas approaching is a great time to take advantage of Black Friday! In case you have no idea what to give everyone, i’ve made a gift guide to help you!

I’m so excite with this years Christmas! It will be the first one in our new home. Tough our house it’s not finished, i would like this to be special even with all the boxes around us.

Taking into account our huge expense with the new house and the first renovations, we won’t be able to expend as much as the other years on the christmas gifts, but they will certainly be from our hearts!

If you’ve just got your home too, we might be alike.

With this in mind, i’ve created a gift guide with gifts under $25!

Let’s start!

Gifts for the wellness seeker

Self care is something everyone should practice, taking care of ourselves and our mental health is really important. If we take care of ourselves we will have the strength we need to protect our loved ones.

Don’t forget to take some time alone to relax and care for you!

If you’ve got a little bit more on your budget a great gift to help improve anyones wellness is the Tranquility Weighted Blanket.

Have you ever heard of the benefits that weighted blankets have?

According to experts, this blankets work by using deep touch pressure, this weighted pressure results in a calming effect. That helps to combat stress, eases anxiety and helps improve sleep quality.

If you are interested in getting to know more benefits that weighted blankets can bring check this article.

Gifts for the plant lovers

Every one who loves plants needs the tools to grow beautiful green friends!

A gardening set to protect you from the sun and house your garden tools. The plant or flower of your choice to grow in a beautiful planter and a sprayer to keep them watered.

Gifts for the gamer

Finding gifts for the game lovers was a little challenging, having in mind they can be pretty expensive.

But looking a bit further, i found some options under $25 that will aid the gamers through their digital adventures!

You can find products to protect their consoles, to give them tips for the games, or aid the gamers with a more comfortable position to play. All helpful and practical gifts!

Gifts for the fisherman

My husband loves fishing so looking for this gift guide was really fun! I chose some helpful organisers, as well as, items that will help a beginner fisherman.

Making this guide, remembered me about our first Valentine together, i bought him a fishing carrier with organising boxes for his fishing lures. Went ahead and made little gummy fishes and filled all the boxes, it was unexpected and he loved the surprise!

Every time i buy a present, i try to add a personal touch, so the person will know it came from my heart. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, they need to demonstrate you care.

Gifts for the new home owners

I’ve got some great options for all the new home owners! Being one myself i would certainly love to get one of this.

Measuring spoons to make delicious food in my dream kitchen, wine cooler and coasters to share some wine with family and friends along with some delicious treats. And last, but not least, a gorgeous candle to leave a relaxing scent at home.

This are great gifts because they are functional and yummy!

Gifts for the kids

Looking for options for kids i tried to choose something for every age. There’s something for the creative, for the anime lovers, for the scientist, as well as, old school games.

Love game boards because the child can play with the family, that way it becomes one more precious moment together with all your loved ones.

That’s my Christmas gift guide with options under $25 dollars! Liked this post? Don’t forget to share it and if you loved it them subscribe to receive first hand more inspiration directly in your inbox!

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  1. Great ideas for Christmas gifts. I have a few gardening lovers in my family and this will work out perfectly. Seeing Lego immediately brings me back to my childhood. At 51 am I tool old to still participate? 🙂

  2. These gift ideas are great. I’d be happy to receive any of the wellness or plant lover gifts for Christmas. They’re all so affordable as well!

  3. I love your ideas! I’m really glad you included the weighted blanket because I forgot that I wanted to put that on my son’s list. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your first Christmas in your new home!

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