Hey you! How you’ve been? Thanksgiving is around the corner! Have you decided your table setting? I’ve got some great ideas for your Thanksgiving tablescape!

I’ve got some options for a neutral, fall inspired, modern and minimalist tables along with some ways to glam up or down this ideas.

Let’s start!

Earthy toned table setting

If you like the neutral tones and would like to easily make some changes to include your own home palette in your table setting a neutral tableware decor is perfect for this!

Here’s a beautiful earthy toned setting for your Thanksgiving with a glam twist!

thanksgiving table setting ideas

You can use the white tablecloth with a golden accent runner, make a beautiful path in the middle of the table with the eucalyptus garland. Position the candles along the garland and add all your delicious food!

Let the food and your company be the starts of the night with just a little bit of glam from the golden accents throughout the table.

thanksgiving table setting ideas

If you would like to keep it more natural, just tone down on the metallic accents and add serve ware and decor with more natural references and less shine.

In my opinion is the shiny decor details that glam up the table settings, metallic candle holders in golden or chrome, silverware, the runner or tablecloth with a silkier look.

Shop the look!

Fall inspired table setting idea!

fall inspired thanksgiving table setting ideas

Use your decor from fall to make your Thanksgiving table! The fall colors will warm even more this day.

My suggestion for this fall inspired table setting is, to choose either the tablecloth or the runner, if you’r using textiles with heavy pattern or lots of texture. Like the ones i suggested below.

fall inspired thanksgiving table setting idea

With such a colorful table setting i also suggest to use less decorations on the table and more of all the yummy food you prepared.

Since my option above is more neutral, you can glam this up just by making little tweaks. Exchange the wood candle holders for metallic holders, the earthy toned dinnerware set for a white porcelain set and the rustic tablecloth for a tablecloth with some shine.

Get the look!

Another option to add some fun on your table decor is using really creative serve ware. It’s fun and works as conversational pieces!

holiday tablescape decor ideas

Recently i’ve been finding this kind of serve ware my favorites! Below are some that i really enjoy to use on my table, specially when i have guests.

Modern Thanksgiving table setting idea

modern and different thanksgiving table setting decor

For all the people who like a more modern white and black approach here is this beautiful setting!

I found this a different kind of glam and a little bit rustic with that galvanized sousplat and the plaid checked napkin. You can either use the black tablecloth or even a white one will make for a beautiful table decor.

I find this style really elegant and a little bit difficult to tone it down, but not impossible!

Exchange the golden dinnerware set for a silver one, use a white linen tablecloth and add some rustic inspired serve ware. Here are some really cute options for you:

Minimalist table setting idea

If you’r the kind of person that doesn’t like too much decor then, the minimalist style will be great for you. Bare table with a simple garland on top, the dinner ware set, a simple rattan sousplat and the food!

Simple, clean and practical for a special evening with your loved ones.

table setting ideas for holidays

Even though this is a minimalist table glamming it up is no problem at all! Golden silverware and golden tall candle holders will do the trick perfectly!

There you have 04 gorgeous and different ways to do your Thanksgiving table setting. What do you think about them? What’s your favorite?

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