Hey you! Do you like to keep up with the decor trends? Today i’ve got a day full of inspiration and answers on the contemporary home style!

This decoration style often gets confused with the modern decor so, i’ve got some great tips to help you differentiate them and nail your home decor with style!

Contemporary vs Modern

Modern features

modern style decor
Modern Style with a warmer look by incorporating mid-century furniture and bright solid colors

When you search for modern, the first thing that comes up is that this style is specifically from around the 20th Century, but what exactly is that right??

Being from a specific period of time doesn’t help you to pin point this style so, keep some features in mind:

  • Horizontal furnishings with clean lines
  • No fluff in the decor
  • Natural materials
  • Uncluttered spaces
  • Reflective surfaces, such as chrome, steel and/or glass
  • Monochromatic palettes (whites, blacks and greys)

“Modern spaces seem cold”, this phrase is often heard when we speak of modern. Keep in mind that for modern style: form follows function therefore, if a decoration detail does not have a practical purpose it can be eliminated.

We can talk about the derivates styles that come from modern too. Like mid-century modern, i find that this style brought to the modern style, a little warmth with its organic shapes. Breaking the cold and sterile vibes of modern.

Contemporary features

contemporary home


When styling your home for a contemporary decor, think of using neutrals as your base color in the palette. Neutrals can then be accompanied of bold color with the accessories in your design.

Here is a color palette that i find adds warmth for the contemporary homes:


For contemporary style, bare floors are frequently preferred but if you would like to add some warmth to your home, go for rugs with a solid color or geometric patterns.

Here are some of my favorite geometric patterned rugs, so you can use them as reference if you like them!


contemporary home decor style

As for the furniture that can give you the contemporary home you wish, look for the following elements:

  • Furniture should be simple and uncluttered but still make a statement
  • Skip the overly decorated furniture
  • Upholstered furniture should be of a solid color or geometric shape patterns
  • You can use natural fibers to add some texture and visual interest
  • Don’t use ruffles, tassels or fringes, less is more
  • You can use organic shaped furniture, as well as, furniture with clean lines.


contemporary home style decor

For the contemporary style, lighting plays an important part. This element helps enhance whatever you are trying to give focus on the room, a beautiful wall art, a sculpture on a pedestal or even a structural part of the home.

Use spot lights and track lighting with metallic accents to better accentuate your statement pieces.

You can also use the lighting as decor pieces, here are some ideas that i find really nice for the contemporary homes.

Decor elements

contemporary home decor living

For the contemporary home style, remember not to clutter the rooms. Open space is really important as it frames your decor pieces, enhancing its features.

Try to incorporate metal and glass finishes into the furniture legs or even decor pieces.

Warm the contemporary home with rugs, pillows and throws with solid colors or geometrical patterns.

And of course, plants!! Add some plants and flowers on vases with simple lines, no fluff vases.

Hot tip! If your looking to sell or rent your home the contemporary home style is really good because it gives the house a more current vibe.

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  1. As someone who is definitely not known for her eye when it comes to home design or decor, I found this post really interesting in terms of the tips you have shared. I totally love the concept of plenty of space and not having clutter but I still have so much to learn in terms of colors and layout. It’s like I keep changing things in the house to continually try stuff and see what comments visitors have. It’s a trial and error process but I do appreciate your knowledge and talent in this field.

    1. That’s exactly what design is! A constant laboratory to achieve our best lives! I love to know you experiment around your home, that’s really helpful and doing that it’s an exercise on layout options so keep doing it! You’ll easily find what works for you that way 😉

  2. I really like modern, contemporary home decor. The pieces you’ve featured in the post really suit my taste. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I have always wondered the difference between contemporary vs modern. People use these words to describe decorating and architecture all the time. Now I know the differences!

  4. I used to think Modern means like the latest styles/designs. I think contemporary is my style now.

  5. How cool is that! awesome ideas for house, I am sure I would enjoy a lot as well. I am going to start on decoration my new and first house next week – this post is a huge inspiration!

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