Shoe racks without enough space for all your shoes, little or none storage space, crowded entrance or even no entryway at all. Can you relate to any of those situations? If you do, i’ve got some great small foyer decorating ideas to help you!

When we come home from an exhausting day at work, our entryway should reflect a relaxing atmosphere and not leave you more stressed.

With that in mind, let’s tackle part-by-part of a foyer and give you solutions for each problem!

Foyer with small closet

If you’ve got a closet in your entryway, you’ve got a huge asset even though it’s small!

You can potencialize it by organising your closet. Put a shoe rack inside (adjustable ones are great!), add more shelves and hooks. Use baskets for organising small and seasonal items.

Other great idea is using the vertical space behind the door! Add some door hangers for more storage options. This guys aren’t that pretty, but since you can hide them behind the door i find them to be a good investment.

Outside the closet you can use a console, either closed or open. If you choose an open console table i recommend you using one with two or three levels. Place some beautiful wicker baskets in the lower level to add more storage options for you.

Also, adding a coat rack stand is great because you can have a decorating piece in your entryway that will be functional too and give you more storage options without using much of your floor space.

Foyer without closet

When you don’t have a closet, things get a little more complicated but not impossible! If this is your case, stay with me.

Here are some great ideas and tips for decorating and organising your small foyer. Check them below:

Shoe storage cabinet and console tables

When you have a small space, maintaining a free-clutter look is the best. In that light, i recommend to use the shoe cabinets as a console. Leave the shoes you use the most in the shoe cabinet and the ones you use the least in your bedroom closet.

If you want to use a console table, my suggestion is using the closed ones to keep less visual clutter out of the way or use baskets.

Some really slim and pretty, because we need practical and functional working together, options for your entryway are:

Seating with storage

For those who would like to have a seating area on their entryway, the best options are benches or ottomans with storage.

Any piece of furniture that you find with dual function is fantastic for any space, but specially for small areas it can do wonders!

small foyer decorating

See? Don’t need to feel sad! With a slim console table, one ottoman or 2 puffs under it you’ll have a beautifully decorated and organised foyer.

Pegboard wall

Any of the ideas above help you? Your foyer is incredible small??

Then what about doing a pegboard wall! Check all the benefits of using this idea:

  • It takes vertical space, not floor space which is so limited.
  • You can paint it the color you want to fit your home palette.
  • There’s the possibility to add shelves, how many you want.
  • You can arrange the pegboard as many times as you like.

Such a simple material but such a big creative solution! Have fun!

small foyer decorating ideas

Tiny options

For even tinier spaces i’ve got you covered too! What about using a side table! Or an office cabinet, they have a good height to be used as an entrance storage option.

Add some hooks above it and there you have it! A small and cute, yet really practical entrance!

Adding a shelve at a door height is really useful too. More storage for you!

small foyer ideas

Small foyer decorating inspiration

Here are some inspirational boards to make it easier understanding the ideas i talked about above. Don’t forget you can mix and match those between themselves! There are lots of possibilites, you just need to use what best tends your needs.




Those where my ideas for helping you with decorating your small foyer with practical and beautiful ideas!

What do you think of those? Did they help you with your small entrance? Leave a comment below, i would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Great tips for decorating a foyer. I especially like the one about putting your shoe rack in a closet. So much tidier.

  2. What great ideas for decorating a small foyer and I love the suggestions that have functionality to them as well. All these suggestions are fantastic and good use of space as well.

  3. Love all these ideas especially the peg board! I never would have thought to do that and it seems like such a great solution to a small space

  4. You always make these spaces look so amazing! I especially love the ottoman/storage bin. And the peg wall was a great idea, especially if you have a lot of hats. Nice!

  5. The Foyer is a difficult one – it’s the one you first see as you enter a house so it needs to be beautiful but it also needs to be functional, holding your shoes et al. I’ve always struggled with it. These are some great ideas – I should give them a try.

  6. I actually have a pretty large home entrance, all things considered, but I still like these suggestions. My biggest problem is CLUTTER – I drop shit on surfaces like nobody’s business. I need to incorporate more baskets or pegs like you suggest!

  7. how cute! Lovely idea! Foyer is always to work with, I never find it pretty, it has a function that’s it

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