October is over and with it, comes only 2 more months till the end of the year! Thinking about the holidays, i decided to bring you some really nice ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor!

Besides the table decoration ideas, i will be going through some easy tips to help you host everyone on this holidays without going crazy!

Thanksgiving table decor

I want to cover as many ideas as i can, because everyone has different tastes and boy am i inspired after scrolling on Pinterest and seeing so many variations on layout, color and materials for the decor!

Let’s jump right in!

Table decor color ideas

thanksgiving table decor

Where can i even start! The color choice is really personal but almost everyone uses the season in question as reference for the table color palette.

As you may already know, i love a neutral palette but, for tablescapes i find it really nice to add an accent color, making the table decor pop!

There are many ways you can play around with color on your Thanksgiving table decor, here’s a list of some:

  • Use a table runner with a beautiful saturated color!
  • Use a colorful table cloth, but i recommend it being a solid color or a simple patterned one, since tables are big too much information may leave your tablescape looking crowed.
  • Play around with the serveware and plates colors!
  • Use colorful or even patterned napkins.
  • Add color with your centerpiece decor.
  • Use your food to bring that pop of color!

Adding color is really simple right?

Table decor centerpieces

Centerpieces are perfect to adding some spark on your tablescape.

Plus, there are so many options for this! You can do little decoration items like vases with flowers and copy and paste them along the table, or you can use a garland, lanterns, candles you name it.

The only thing i would recommend is that you should keep in mind that your Thanksgiving table decor or any table decor for that matter, should be PRACTICAL!

Remember that you are going to have food in the table so things may get dirty with an accident and the main purpose is to actually be able to talk and have a great time with your family.

In that light, i don’t recommend using certerpieces that are too tall or too wide that they block everyones vision and the tables flow.

Check some of the ideas that i love!

You probably have everything at home already, so you don’t need to buy anything.

Clear vases with flowers

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Clear vases are fantastic because they don’t block peoples vision! Plus, you can use really tall ones to add some height to the table decor.

You can either add fresh flowers or dry flowers bouquets to the vases. Having in mind that it is fall, you can just use this as reference and use fall elements like dry flowers, dried wheat, cotton stems and little pumpkins.


1 Get your clear vase, add little pumpkins with some led string lights in between and your ready!

2 Add some pumpkins to the end of your vase and then place your flower bouquet!

If you like a more minimal yet cute approach of a single centerpiece you could gather various smaller clear vases and use smaller bouquets.

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Other idea for your Thanksgiving table decor is using 02 different runners with different textures for added visual interest.

Lay candles from different heights along the runner and a beautiful bouquet in the middle to add movement.

If you’ve got kids, them for safety, i recommend using some lanterns for the candles. Avoiding any possible accidents.

Better be safe than sorry, right?

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Using garlands, pine cones and little pumpkins spread along the table as decor, together with candles also make for a beautiful decor.

Plus, this are seasonal items that are really easy to find.

For an option to add height in your table you can pair those seasonal items with some candle sticks, perfect to add interest in your tablescape without blocking everyones view!

table decor

I bet you already noticed that i’m all about a beautiful yet practical table decor!

Napkins decor & layout

Napkin decor is really versatile and you can add a personal touch for every guest, for example, adding their name on a tag.

Use cinnamon sticks, dry flowers stems or simply fold the napkin on top of the plate.

You can also simply fold it and place it under the plate living a small part of the napkin hanging over the table. I think that’s a more modern approach, i did it for my weeding actually.

Don’t forget that you can also play around with colored or patterned napkins. Give a pop of color on your table!

Table cloth variations

Scrolling on Pinterest i saw various ideas using an alternative to table cloths.

Kraft paper!

This idea is so fun! Here’s a list to everything you can do with this simple yet sooo creative alternative:

  • Draw your guests names with a beautiful calligraphy
  • Write messages for your family
  • Let everyone write or draw what they are thankful for in this day
  • Set a food table a part from the main dinner table, use the kraft paper as a huge menu display
thanksgiving table decor

Details that make the difference

One last idea that i find really charming, are those little details you can add just to give a final touch of love in your table.

What details am i talking about?

It can be a pumpkin over your plate or even a pine cone! Like the photos below. What do you think about this ideas? Charming right? Even though, they aren’t necessarily practical, i love how they add more personality to the tablescape.

Tips for a smooth hosting season!

If you are going to host all or some of the holidays coming soon, it’s possible you may be feeling overwhelmed. So, i’ve got some great tips to help you during this end of year marathon!

  • Make a schedule for all the events
  • Make lists for everything you need to do
  • Set some time to start the preparation before hand, that way you’ll have everything you need for the day before hand. No unscheduled visits to the supermarket needed.
  • Ask for help! Divide the tasks between the family members. Together we’re stronger!
  • Place your tablescape the night before, that way you’ll only need to focus on the food.
  • Last, but not least, enjoy the day! Enjoy the time with your family!

I hope all this ideas help you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

What are your thoughts? Did you like the ideas? Have any different ones for your holiday? Leave a comment below.

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  1. My wife does a tremendous job each year in setting our table but these are some great additions that we can certainly add. Love the name tag idea as well.

  2. So many great thanksgiving table decorating ideas! I like having a centrepiece with candles and flowers.

  3. My family keeps the Thanksgiving table pretty minimalist because the focus is mainly on the food. I love the color contrast of the foods anyways like the ruby red cranberries and golden brown turkey.

  4. I love the craft paper idea for a table cloth and so would my kiddos! That is so unique I’ve never thought about that before but it makes so much sense! I also really loved the napkin ideas you have here. I’m a decor novice but I love seeing what creative types can come up with and just blindly following suit! Great post, thanks for the great ideas!

  5. I am moving to a new place soon and I am hosting Christmas dinner with family. Can’t wait for your tips on decor.

  6. I love the tall candles and pinecone garland you have pictured. Although I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’ll be sure to try out some of your ideas for another special dinner. I like your idea of using craft paper to add special messages for your guests; I may try this on a regular weeknight.

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