Today’s Monday home decor style is for the free-spirited, eclectic, constant traveler and carefree people! Today, i’ll teach you all about the Bohemian Home Style. Also known as, Boho Decor!

What exactly is considered Bohemian decor?

Overall, Boho or Bohemian is a decoration style that mirrors the life of people from the arts like actors, writers, travelers, photographers.

The key features for this style are:

Combination of cultures

You can find references of various cultures in the decor which reference the travel and nomadic life of bohemian style.

Warm and inviting vibes

That feeling is really present, wether it’s through a really bohemian colorful decor or with a more chic and neutral version with warm accent colors and mixed textures.

Eclectic style

This is one of the first features that comes to my mind when talking about boho, in addition to a heavy emphasis on ethnic and vintage pieces.

Colorful or Earthy tones.

Though the boho decor has changed a lot throughout the years and you can find a more neutral palette with a more chic version of this style, there’s still people who enjoy the colorful version.

Thus, i would say that the palette choice comes down to the personal preferences for this decor style.

Lived feeling

The lived feeling that everyone talks about is that feeling of a really curated home with vintage pieces that come from all over the globe.

What is curated? In other words, curated means that the decoration was chosen specifically according to your preferences so it speaks a lot more to you.

With that in mind and remembering a feature from vintage decor, those items add character. Because they have been around for quite some time, vintage pieces instantly add the lived feeling to the design.

In fact, you won’t get a lived feeling with new items. Consequently, on the boho decor, try to mix the new with the old in a balanced way.

boho decor

Now, you must be asking yourself “Cool, now i know whats the feeling and look that bohemian decor style has however, how do i put this into an actual design?”

Let’s get ready and apply this to tangible elements!

Boho Style Elements

Color Palette

As i mentioned before, with boho you have two options.

For instance, you can either go all out, mixing textures, colors and patterns or you can go for the chic version and use a neutral color palette with earthy tones.

Either way, you can’t go wrong! Boho Decor is a really forgiving style, which lets you express your unique self without much restrictions.

Below you can find my option for a chic boho color palette, i like the more neutral tones, as you may have already caught on with my previous posts.

boho decor color palette option

Play with textures and materials

For the boho look you’ll want to mix natural materials like wood, burlap, jute, sisal and wicker with silk, chenille and velvets.

The texture part can be achieved by adding decor items like baskets, macrame wall art or rugs with the materials mentioned above.

Hence, think about having fun! Mix and match the different materials and textures throughout the space. Other great item to add texture and a playful vibe are fringes! Fringes on pillows, throws, art, you name it!

Below i’ll link my favorite boho style pillows and throws, just in case you were looking for some options!

Layer rugs

Layering rugs is a great way to add texture to the space. Since, you can play with the patterns and materials too.

Plus, you can save money. Rugs that can cover a whole space are very costly, whereas buying smaller ones and playing with the disposition.

I would recommend layering a vintage style rug with a jute rug for added texture.

Light furniture

Mix cultures, materials, textures for a boho decor

Boho decor gives an airy and light feel.

Due to this, when searching for furniture, i recommend looking more into modern style in comparison to any other kind of furnitures.

So woods in light tones and furniture pieces that give the feeling of just touching the ground or not even touching it! Like rattan hanging chairs and vintage pieces with a retro reference.

Also, let’s not forget of puffs, ottomans and bean bag chairs!

This are the perfect pieces to really achieve the laid back, relaxed feeling boho vibes!

Some options of this low-seating pieces of furniture are:

Combine Cultures

To really bring together the wondering artists lifestyle that bohemian celebrates, you can mix and match decoration pieces from around the globe like:

  • Moroccan lanterns
  • Tribal prints
  • Buddha statues
  • Moroccan plates
  • Maps
  • Tapestry
  • Travel mementos

I could go on but, i think you got the picture already lol

Wall art

When it comes to wall art for the boho style you have quite a variety of options, the choice will depend on your preference. Check the different wall art you can use:

Gallery Walls

Gallery wall are awesome for the boho style, you can mix different frames and prints for a vintage look. Additionally, framing any prints or photos you may have, will give a more unique and personalised look to your design.


Are you the kind of gal that during travels or thrifts finds awesome tapestry along the way yet, don’t know where to put all your findings? Well, hang it on the wall, similarly to a painting!

In contrast with prints, tapestry adds lots of texture and it’s an unexpected decor piece.

Macrame wall hanging art

This are the easiest pieces for a boho look, you can even DIY them!

Here are some ideas so you can know what i’m talking about. I’m finding it kind off hard to find a way of describing macrame wall hanging art.

On the other hand, i heard that an image is worth a thousand words!

If you’re more on the artistic side and would love to try a DIY of this wall art i’ll leave this really cool project from Chelsea Sadler.

Greenery is a boho decor must!

Finally, a really important feature on the bohemian decor is the need to be always in touch with nature.

Adding lots of plants is a must in this style. Therefore, if you’re already a plant lady (cat lady/plant lady…yep, bad pun intended lol) you’re 50% ready for this decor!

You can use many different kinds of vases, baskets and planters to display the plants. One really characteristic way to display greenery in a boho decor is by hanging them with macrame hangers.

Undoubtedly, any decor style needs plants to give life to a space and also help revitalize the air! Plants are a go in any decor situation for me.

I think i might be a crazy plant lady!

Plants are a must in the boho decor

Those are all my secrets and tips for nailing the boho decor in your home! What do you think about this style? Is it not for you?

Have a look at the Home Decor Styles page to find your decorating style!

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Finally, leave a comment below! I would love to know your take on boho decor.

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  1. I don’t think I’d want to do a whole Boho theme, but there are some really cute items here that I’d add to give a room a few accents. Great post!

    1. this boho chic style is pretty new i would say…we would normally see the bohemian in it’s beginning style, more like a mix of hippie and gipsy culture. fun how style changes through time right?

  2. Your description of Boho Décor is descriptive and captures the essence of this décor style. I appreciate that you included adding greenery to complete the look. Any home that incorporates living things makes it seem for like home to me.

  3. I like to add some greenery to any room. It makes the room come to life and it also helps with keeping the air a little bit cleaner. The Boho Decor looks beautiful.

  4. Just subscribed to your blog because everyone knows I need some help with my home decor. I love the light furniture idea. It does brighten up the home.

  5. Great examples and tips. I am not a big fan of Boho style in my apartment (I prefer minimal) but still it is a joy to the eye

  6. I need to add some plants into my home! I was just reading about the easiest ones to take care of, and you talking about them also reminded me that it is time to give it a try. Plants give any home a more cozy and inviting feel to it. You always inspire me to make simple changes around my house and really work on my design and style. I love how much I learn every time I read your blog!

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