Lately i have found myself scrolling through lots of vintage inspired or referenced home designs. So, for this Thursday i’ll present you what is the Vintage Decor Style!

You may be a little confused about what exactly is this vintage decor. When we search for it, options like vintage decor retro or victorian, even mixed with other styles, like farmhouse appear!

Vintage Decor definition

First things first, vintage decor definition or attempt to define is any decoration piece from a small painting to a furniture, that has been around from quite some time so it may need some restoration to give it new life.

Those pieces are elegant, old fashioned, aged and also have a romantic flair to them.

This decoration style can be combined with other kinds of home decor like modern, farmhouse, transitional or even boho to add charm and character to any household.

Therefore, it actually can have retro or victorian reference.

Vintage treasures vs. Vintage Junk

Now you must be thinking, ok, so old stuff…but old stuff could be anything!

Well, that’s the key to making an awesome mix of vintage and any other kind of home styling.

Learn how to differentiate pieces that are real vintage treasures between things that are beyond salvation, and are just junk.

This will come to you with time, because it’s also something that will be connected to personal likings.

Key rules for Vintage decor

The key rules to pull of a vintage decor in your home are:

Mix Old and New

Mix old and new for a balanced Vintage decor in your home

This rule is key to find a balance for the vintage accessories that you’ll want to add to your home decor.

Nobody wants their home to look dirty or smell like mold, so mixing your new items with the vintage decor you found is key!

If i would have to tell you a number, i would probably say 70% modern and 30% vintage pieces. So, use those pieces as accent decor.

Play with the textures

Remember that the charm of vintage decor is that it tells stories, it has lived through time and survived to have new use in your home.

Therefore, when restoring them don’t take those chips and cracks away, leave them, because they are the reason vintage decor brings charm and character to a space.

Frame those memories

A great way to incorporate some vintage seasoning to your decor is using vintage (old) frames or pictures! Even old family pictures from generations before yours would be perfect.

Frame old pictures in new frames or frame new pictures in old frames for that vintage decor look

Keep in mind that this is a style that tells a story and helps you remember things, moments or people from the past.

In my opinion, a really important feature of vintage styling is, being kind of a nostalgic style. That nostalgia for me, brings up warmth, sweetness and some elegance in the spaces.

Keep the interest in the vintage piece

Another great rule to keep the balance of new and old in a room is using the vintage decor as the focal point of the ambience.

Make your vintage decor items the focal point in the room

That way, you can give the proper attention that this pieces require, as well as, not saturate the space with more items of interest.

Match vintage with vintage referenced pieces

It’s really difficult to design a room using only vintage pieces because they may not come as cheap as we think.

You may find items with great condition and an awesome structure but, the money you’ll need to invest to give new life to it may be a lot more than what you were planning to.

Sometimes it will be similar or more of what would cost you to invest in a brand new piece.

Since we want to find a nice harmony between current style and vintage style, you can also look for vintage referenced decor. This will make the room feel curated, cohesive and intentional.

A great tip for you, vintage lover, would be: Plan your budget and buy pieces that would act as statement decor.

This will help you find beautiful decor, keep focused for the vintage treasures, stray away from the vintage junk and also keep your budget!

Take your time

Last rule is:

Take your time to find those vintage pieces that will make a great addition to your home design!

Take as many trips as needed to your city thrift stores, antiquaries, yard sales and don’t forget to have fun!

Re-use those items in unexpected ways for a unique design. Open your eyes to new possibilities!

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  1. These vintage details are adorable! My mom loves to decorate with rustic and vintage details so I’ve always been drawn to it. Vintage details are so romantic!

  2. I love the vintage look a bunch. I also like the concept of repurposing old materials like picture frames. I’ve seen a lot done with barn wood and old doors and windows as well. On Long Island where I live we have some great antique stores that sell tons of vintage furniture and accessories. Great way to spend a day if you are redecorating.

  3. I love vintage and happily spend hours browsing in op-shops and secondhand stores looking for the perfect piece. You explained the style really clearly too.

  4. My sister loves vintage decor too! She finds it welcoming and I think, yeah it’s chic! My sister has redone lot of her furniture to give them a vintage look! However, I am more of a modern type of a person with minimalist style 🙂

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