Hi guys! Have you just got your home? Or a new space that you can call you own? Doesn’t matter if it’s a house or and apartment, i’ve got you some really different kitchen flooring ideas to spice up your home!

Getting our space means we can finally give our style to the house. That’s what every person wishes because, what a better way to express our likes and dislikes, than through whatever surrounds us?

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The kitchen shouldn’t be any different! You can give your personal touch even to the flooring so, let’s check out the options i’ve got for you!

Mix that wood!

Not sure what tone of wood you would like? What about mixing two toned wood in a fun pattern for your kitchen?

This can add some visual appeal to it and it could be your statement piece in the kitchen!

Brick for a country feeling

Are you a Country living/farmhouse lover? Then i think you’ll love a brick work in your kitchen!

And there are so many different colors and pattern styles that i’m sure you can find the perfect brick style for your home. Take a look at this beautiful kitchen from Country Living, isn’t so unique and charming?

kitchen flooring ideas brick
Image source: Country Living

Hex your floors!

Are you a modern/classic kinda person? Love to be creative? Like to see some pop of colors? Looks for fun spaces? Well, then i think the big hex floors are for you!

This are great and versatile floors. It’s bigger measure make it have a more modern feeling and the fact that you can find them in various colors means there’s a high chance for a funky flooring pattern!

The possibilities are infinite with this one!

kitchen flooring ideas

This bigger version of the hex tiles is not for you? Don’t worry my friend!

You can always go for the Classic little hex tiles, this are just as versatile as, its bigger brother. The only difference is the little ones give a dainty and sweeter look to the space.

You can even say they look more romantic! Take a look at this version sourced from Houzz.

Match made in heaven

Kitchen flooring ideas

Take a look at this gorgeous combo! Wood and ceramic tiles can be just the statement you were looking for your kitchen flooring!

Modern, fun, creative, versatile, easy cleaning! What else can i say?

Plus, the combination of tile styles and layouts are infinite! I’m sure it’ll be easy to find a combo that speaks to you and your home decor style.

Forget rugs!

Your the type of person who doesn’t like rugs on your kitchen floors? Or you just haven’t found the right rug?

What about using some incredibly beautiful patterned ceramic tiles for kitchen flooring ideas?? You can find them in so many styles and colors. There are places where you can even personalize them!

kitchen flooring ideas patterned ceramic tile

If you’re on a budget what about doing some tile stencil? This is a great way to achieve the patterned ceramic tiles look and you can even make it as detailed and colorful, as you like!

Check out this wonderful idea from The Black House on the Corner, i’m so in love with how the tile stencil creates the rug feeling, grounding the table so nicely!

Check Audrey’s instagram, it’s full of wonderful ideas! You can either click the pic above or click here to get to her Instagram to find more interior design inspiration! I totally recommend it!

Be bold with Layout Patterns

kitchen flooring ideas layout pattern

If you don’t like the mix and match for different flooring materials but still would like to spice up your kitchen floors, then my friend, i must say that a bold pattern for your floors might be the way to go!

You can’t even believe how much a room can change, just with a different pattern layout! You can choose between:

  • Herringbone
  • Running bond
  • Offset
  • Basketweave
  • Straight herringbone
  • Diamond
  • Chevron
  • Grid
  • Octagon Dot
  • Large format brickbond
  • Modular
  • Stackbond

Have fun!

Refresh with paint

kitchen flooring ideas using paint
Image source: Country Living

Running low on your budget? Then paint is your savior!

Look at that gorgeous kitchen! Simple, yet, with a blast of a minty color on your feet.

I think paint is my favorite friendly budget decor tool! It can take you a long way!

What did you think about all this kitchen flooring ideas? Would you try some? Do you have any different ideas?

Leave a comment below! Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Also, i would like to see your kitchen floor if you already have any of this ideas going on! Post it on instagram and tag using #chaseawayelephants.

Or just send it to my email at: daphne@elephantinthehouse.com for a chance to appear on my stories!

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  1. Flooring choices have really gone through the roof of late. Friends our ours did a tile that looks exactly like a berber rug. It’s confusing when you see it and feel it. I love these ideas and after seeing them I’m disappointed I went with such a plain tile for our kitchen.

    1. lol there are some confusing flooring ideas out there! don’t worry! you’ll get a chance to try something new for your kitchen! Tile Stencil is always available! And they look gorgeous! But if your not a pattern loving person, there are some new products like stick and peel vinyl floors with wood appearance, the 3D is pretty impressive it really looks like wood! And it doesn’t damage your floor! It’s just peel and stick! Easy!

  2. I love these flooring ideas. I really like wooden floors but ceramic tiles look great as well.

  3. The flooring ideas looks so cool. colorful and bright. I like the one with flowers pattern on them.

  4. Oh my goodness this makes me want to redo my kitchen SOOOOOO badly now! These flooring choices are amazing! I especially love he mixed wood feel – excuse me now while I go talk my husband into a new kitchen reno job lol

  5. You make everything look so gorgeous! And I do love the stencil tiles, which, is where my eye flowed because I am on a budget. That one was beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Being able to show my passion for creating spaces that keeps us inspired and creates beautiful feelings, when we are in those spaces, is awesome! I see home design as a form of self-caring too, because caring for the space that surrounds you evokes a sense of calm in you. Your home should be the best place to be and not a place where you want to get out.

  6. Such detailed ideas and photos, I normally don’t care much about floor decor but what you suggested is worth trying.

  7. Wow this really makes me want to do a hex floor when my boyfriend and I have our own house together someday. We’re in an apartment we can’t really renovate, but now I’m thinking that these are way better than basic wood planks.

  8. Great idea! Very timely since we’re planning for a home renovation in the next few months. I am actually undecided yet with the type of flooring and color palette/ scheme that we will use for the kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing this. Very helpful.

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