Not everybody lives in a place big enough for you to have a kitchen island, but almost everyone wants one in their kitchen! So, here are 10 great ideas for kitchen island alternatives!

1. Skinny and long consoles

When working space is something we need, but don’t have much of it, then a skinny and long console can work as the perfect kitchen island alternative for the lack of prep areas in the kitchen!

Here are some of my favorite options:

They are skinny, long and have the alternative of a second tier at the bottom, which means more storage. Plus, since they are free standing you can move them anywhere!

2. Dinner table as a kitchen island alternative

kitchen island alternative

The houses has been get smaller and for lots of people there’s no space for an island so a great option is to use the dinner table as the island too!

It saves spaces, it’s even bigger than an island and everyone can gather around it to help and eat all at the same time!

3. Compact but functional small kitchen island

kitchen island alternative for small spaces

Other option is doing a tiny island, but you can extend the top so that one side of it works as an eating station too! You can also accessorize one side of it to fit your pans or other kitchen utilities.

Check this alternatives to keep your kitchen organized and power up your small island!

Small but functional!

4. Office desk

Do you have an old office desk thats not to wide hanging around your home? Give it new live by renovating it’s paint and using it as a kitchen island.

Normally they have 1 or 2 drawers that will be perfect to use as condiments drawers or any other kitchen storage you might need,

Since it’s free standing you can also move it around as you please and use it as, for example, a dessert table when you host dinner parties!

kitchen island alternative for small spaces

5. Old dresser

This guys are perfect to use as kitchen island alternatives. They have enough drawers to store anything you need, you can add some wheels for easy transport and they are not that expensive!

Plus, they add some charming features to your kitchen for their uniqueness.

I find using a dresser as a kitchen island alternative is so different and unexpected that it actually makes it look great!

6. Cutting board table

kitchen island alternative

What a better way to create some working space in a small kitchen than to make your kitchen island a cutting table at the same time!

You can find lots of options online, small cutting tables, two tiers, with wheels, without wheels, any style you need is available. And if for any reason you couldn’t find the right size for your kitchen this can actually be a really easy and fun DIY project!

7. Bookcase + Butcher Block

Yep! Here is another weird furniture transformation that actually works!! And it’s so easy!

You just need a bookcase with a nice height, i would say approximately 35 inches a little more if your a tall person! I’m small…. better petite, it sounds cuter lol

Anyway…get the bookcase, put a butcher block a little bigger than the bookcase measurements and your ready! The bookcase will even with you more storage!

Don’t know how many times i’ve talked about creating more storage, but i think you must have figured by now that this is an incredible asset in a kitchen, seize every opportunity you may find for new storage around your house!

8. Bar carts

bar cart as kitchen island idea

This is one of my favorite pieces to work with! Bar carts are so functional, practical and pretty!

Besides, there on wheels! Which means you can literally take them anywhere around your home.

Below you can see my favorite options for bar carts as a kitchen island alternative. You can even add a butcher block on top and have more prep space. Also, because they have different levels they can serve as…tan tan tan tan….yep!!! our lovely storageeeee! lol

9. Origami foldable cart

This is a great option to create a temporary island for you, who need that working space in the kitchen but also need floor space to move around.

Since it’s foldable you just need to take the butcher block off, fold it and store it in a closet or any other space you have available.

10. Fold out desk is a great kitchen island alternative!

Last but not least, is the fold out desk option. I find this perfect for those really tiny kitchens were you need that free space to move around.

You can keep all your condiments in the little shelves and pull down the table for when you need to prep your meals. Once you’r done, just close it and that’s it!

There you go! 10 amazing and different kitchen island alternatives for everyone! What do you think about these ideas? What any new ones?

Leave a comment below! Let me know what you think about this options!

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  1. When we redid our kitchen an island was a must have for us. It wasn’t anything too big but it provides so much functional space. These are some great ideas for an island in lieu of a traditional one. Many of these could even work in narrower kitchens.

  2. It’s true that most of the homes in my area are too small for a center island, but these are really good alternative ideas. I know some people who are in need of more kitchen storage space. So, I’ll be sure to pass this on.

  3. These are great kitchen island alternatives. I like the idea of having the dining table as an island in the kitchen.

  4. This is such a timely post, as we are moving and trying to figure out the new kitchen and space. I love the suggestion about a dinner table as a kitchen island alternative, as our new kitchen and space is a bit limited.

  5. Using a older dresser is a great idea! It would offer a lot of storage space. We have a built in island that was in the house when we moved in (we rent) that hardly has any storage space, I wish we could update it.

  6. How creative! On a personal note, I like the sound of using a dinner table instead of a kitchen island. It adds a touch of warmth and makes the place feel welcoming.

  7. All this furniture and home decor for the kitchen are so beautiful, but I think my kitchen isn’t big enough to have so of them. But the fold out desk is a great option to save space. I haven’t seen something like it before. I will try to get one of this for my place.
    Thank you for the suggestions.

  8. I must admit that I never would have considered using a dining room table or a dresser as a kitchen island, but I love the idea! That could become a wonderful upcycling project for someone creative. You’re giving me ideas for my next home project.

  9. These are great ideas. My long-term goal is to open up our kitchen and extend it a bit, and then add in an island. But those renos need to be saved up for… something like the desk or your first option would be great for the intern!

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