Recently, i’ve been getting messages of people who wished to have a decorated home, but feel like they can’t because they have children. So here are 5 awesome kids friendly home decor tips!

Dual purpose furniture

kids friendly home decor ideas

An easy and wonderful way to hide your kids mess are dual purpose furniture!

Specially when the second feature of the furniture is storage!

This will make it the quickest way for you to hide your kids toys when guests arrive. If i would recommend one great piece for this would be ottomans!

Sitting options are never too much and when they come with storage, that’s just perfection!

Here are some of my favorite options, they have durable materials, are easy to clean and will go great with any home color palette.

Rock those covers

kids friendly home decor

Sofa covers, pillow cases…these are great allies that will help you keep your home clean and fresh!

If any accident happens, you’ll just have to take them off and pop them in the laundry machine!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Literally!

If you were wondering what could be the best fabric for that, i recently stumbled with Emily Henderson blog post about here choice of fabric and let me tell you, she really nails kids friendly interior design! Check it out!

Open layout

This is one of the biggest features that almost every parent asks when building or renovating a home. Open layout lets you keep an eye on your children wherever they are.

I know that an open layout is not available to everybody, but from where you need to be what can you see? Is there room for you to make a little space for your little one?

Maybe moving some furniture or rearranging the function of the rooms in your home, could create an easier option for you to be able to see what your kids are doing and give you some peace of mind without having to knock down some walls.

And if you really have no visibility between spaces, then what about recycling the baby monitor?

Trays are your friends

kids friendly home decor

Need to keep an eye on your kids so you leave them in the living room, but because of that you don’t decorate your coffee table?

Then don’t worry anymore! Keep your tables decorated, make beautiful vignettes around your home using trays!

Still not getting how this would help? Let me explain, when you decorate a table with a tray, you make a little vignette which is a little scene, kinda like the one in the photo above.

Using a tray limits you to the tray boundaries making it easy for you to place the tray with your ornaments elsewhere while your kids use the table and when there done you can just put everything back just like it was before! Easy right?

Kids zone

Another great idea is to have a kid zone, either a little space in your living room dedicated to your children or a whole room for them to go crazy and enjoy the liberty in that space.

That way even if those spaces aren’t all tidy, it doesn’t really matter, because they exist for them to have fun!

Leaving your social spaces to entertain guests, free of kids toys.

kids friendly home decor ideas

What do you think about these kids friendly home decor ideas? Do you have any new ideas? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Want more decoration ideas to help you achieve your dream home? Them check out my top list with storage ideas for small spaces and find some great options for your needs!

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  1. Dual purpose furniture is my favorite! Our couch turns into a full-sized bed and stores the extra blankets and pillow.

  2. When my girls were young they had all of their toys in our living room and it got to be a daily mess. Even when they “cleaned up” we were still inundated with stuff everywhere. I woudl have loved to had more storage byt 19 years ago I don’t think they had these cool dual purpose storage ideas. We did eventually move them into a play room area when they got bigger and now that they are older that room is my office where I type this response. 🙂

    The open concept is also something that seems to have come along in the last 10 years or so. I love the idea and we did open our kitchen up a bit when we renovated. Growing up it was all about separate spaces where now it’s about one big open space.

    I love reading your stuff as I am obsessed with home improvements and HGTV and DIY.

    1. It makes me really happy to be able to pass on a little bit of the knowledge i’ve acquired as an architect. I find it so interesting to see how our home design have changed throughout the years because family interactions and needs have changed. Just like your family dynamic, changed a space from playroom to office!
      Nowadays with this busy life of ours, full of activities, work and events…people are looking for ways to stay more connected and have practical homes that can make lives easier.
      And for me, that’s what a good design is all about! Helping everyone achieve their best lives by rocking an awesome space that tends to our needs and as a plus you get a beautifully decorated room!

  3. I love these kid friendly decor ideas. I especially like the dual purpose furniture. It would be so handy for extra storage.

  4. So stylish! I always love the furniture and decor you bring to your rooms. I love your idea “kid zone”. It not only gives children their own space but it keep their clutter there too. 😀

  5. I don’t have children, but I love those ideas. Storage space which doubles up as furniture is perfect for any home. We’ve probably all got stuff we’d like to hide aways when visitors pop in.

  6. I like the ideas. Storage for toys are a must. You are right about the open layout. It definitely both the kids and yourself some room

  7. If you’ve got kids then you have stuff! Your solutions for dual purpose furniture are great. When your central living space is combined having the flexibility to hide toys is essential.

    If you have the space, I also love allowing children to freely play, create messes and exist without the constant need to tidy up. When given freedom, it is amazing what they create on their own. Most times our family room is covered in blankets and cardboard box forts created by my son. It’s messy but I’m sure I’ll miss it when he outgrows it.

  8. I sometimes wonder how our parents managed to clean up our mess when we were children. How with the advent of dual use furniture, life has become so much easier. Having you, an architect amongst us has made our life too easier with some really great ideas coming from you.

  9. Totally agree with you. Storage ottomans are truly lifesavers. We actually have one in almost every room in our house since we have kids toys all over the house too. (LOL)

    Can’t wait to have a kid zone dedicated to them. Planning to do this once we transfer to our new home.

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