Todays Home Decor Style is how to achieve the industrial home decor style!

If your an industrial style lover and wished to know how to achieve this style in your home then you’ve come to the right place!

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Continuing with the industrial design, the first thing we tend to imaging is a loft with exposed brick and piping, because this style came to life when old warehouses and factories where repurposed as housing sites.

So, how do we achieve this style if we don’t live in a loft or factory kinda place?

Check below all the elements you need to pull this design style anywhere you live!

Industrial Home decor Elements

Concrete walls or floors!

industrial home decor bedroom idea

When going for this style of decoration you need to focus on all the elements you see in factories or warehouses. Being that said, concrete floors and walls are apparent in this places.

There are 02 options for you to achieve this on your walls, you can either go for a concrete wallpaper or you can do a concrete texture on your walls.

Nowadays we have great products that can allow you to have a concrete wall without having to actually build one!

For a concrete floor, that’s a little more tricky, but you can use a vinyl tile that looks like concrete. It won’t have the same shine as a polished concrete floor but it will give you the desired visuals.

Exposed brick

If you don’t have exposed bricks around your house you can just peel and stick some!

Yep! You can use a wallpaper, or even 3D brick wall panels! Have fun!

Re-invented Machinery as decoration

If there’s something that can really give you that touch of industrial feeling is the decor! They help set the mood.

The industrial design has lots of items that come from old machinery and have been repurposed into lighting or furniture.

Have a look at some pieces that i find are perfect for your industrial home decor:

Open layout

industrial home decor ideas

Because the industrial style appeared after old warehouses and factories where converted to housing, an open layout was inherent in this kind of places.

Thus, if you want an industrial home decor, look for ways to achieve an open concept in your house.

Mix wood and metal finishes

A great way to to incorporate an industrial look is to find furniture that mixes wood and metal finishes.

And a really important feature of that furniture, is that is has to be functional, not only decorative. So clean lines, furniture without excess adornments but still, comfortable!

Because comfort cannot be forgotten in any style! You’re going to live with it so it need to tend to your daily needs.

Neutral colors for industrial home decor

industrial home decor palette idea

White, black, grays are the main colors you’ll see in an industrial home decor. Some reds from the brick walls or decor items can be spotted along with browns from the wood. All of them in colder tones.

To add some color you can use some plants and modern art, which will help bringing some life into the space too.

Exposed lighting track

industrial home decor lighting idea

Some nice features you can play around when setting this style is using exposed lighting track, it’s an easy way to try and simulate the exposed structural and electrical elements.

Because the more exposed and raw, the better it’ll be for this style.

Industrial Home decor Moodboard!

Shop the look!

There you have it! 7 great ways to achieve an industrial home decor style in your home!

What do you think? Is the industrial style appealing to you? What are your thoughts on this type of decoration? Leave your comments below!

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