I’ve been having more contact with people that are either going to have a baby or they already have one and because of that lots of baby nursery ideas have been flooding my thoughts lol

No, i don’t have any babies yet, but with a 4 bedroom house just for 2 people there are some rooms that could definitely become a beautiful baby nursery in the future.

With that said, i kinda started searching for ideas on the themes and decor. Given that i’m sooo into earthy tones for my color palette in the house the neutral nurseries are stealing my attention!

And i’m finding that they are easier for the child to grow with the space without having to redecorate through every phase they might go.

For example: I see lots of my friends babies going through the pink face where everything they want is pink, or the dinosaur face, astronaut, and so on…keeping up with that on a themed bedroom is really hard for some parents (financially)!

So, with a neutral base you can simply add or take items like pillows, themed decor or bed sheets instead of having to redo the whole walls because they have a huge astronaut theme on them.

Real story time!

I’m talking by experience…

Growing up i had the liberty to draw on my walls because my parents would let me express myself.

I liked doing BIG mural designs ever since a young child…but my poor father had to clean the old mural for a clean slate for me to dray something else, because i got bored easily or the fairy phase was over!

I’m all in for letting children express themselves, but i’m also all in for letting my wallet breath lol

Enough wondering, right? Sorry! i love to talk…or in this case…write? lol

Let’s jump to what you’ve came here for!

Baby nursery ideas!

Colorful nurseries

A great idea for baby nurseries is making use of colors! Of course, don’t go overboard and make the whole room a rainbow because you’ll get board pretty fast.

But as i said before, use a neutral base and go crazy on the accessories! Have fun on creating a beautiful space for your baby! And if you still want a splash of color them what about doing an accent wall?

Use fun wallpapers, trim or both! The possibilities are infinite!

Reading spaces on a baby nursery

baby nursery idea

Get a space ready for your baby so you can read lovely stories and in the future, when he learned to read, it can be his own magical reading space! Where his imagination can just fly away!

A great way to do this is with nooks! They can act as beautiful decor, but when your baby is older, they are his wonderland!

Nurturing space

baby nursery decor

This is the place were you’ll have a one on one time for you and your baby. Being this the space for you too to bond, make it cozy and comfortable for both of you!

A nice armchair, comfy pillows and a throw can give you the coziness you are looking for with a stylish look!

Nature inspired themes

There are so many themes for a baby nursery, but the natured inspired themes got all my attention. Moon inspired, forests, jungles, animals, the ocean! you name it!

And the best part is all of them have soothing colors! Greens, blues and beiges…

Perfect to give a calm environment for your growing baby!

Double purpose furniture

Another thing you can look at in a baby nursery is choosing double purpose furniture so, benches and ottomans with storage, for example, can make for great pieces!

Because having storage options is never too much!

Scrolling on the internet i found the cutest options for storage and they can double as decor too! So function + cuteness all in one!

Cool Cribs for a baby nursery

baby nursery crib idea

Nowadays we find so many styles of cribs! Cribs that grow with the child, that glow, that you can attach to you bed and so on!

So how do we decide on the crib? Well some of my tips to make this process easier are (that’s what i’m going to look when the time comes lol):

  • Style vs functionality, i’m definitely picking something that keeps the house style but it has multiple functions over just function and no aesthetics.
  • Evolving crib, look for an option that can actually grow with your child so invest in a longer term option rather than something you’ll have to change soon. Remember that babies grow quickly.
  • When it comes to color, choose whatever you like or goes with the whole room design!

Here are some options that i liked:


Yep! i know it’s not conventional and it may take some time till your baby can actually use it…but i loved the idea and had to include it!

Who knows…maybe your baby is big enough for one! I found that this idea is fun, and you can actually add one to the space you stay more, so that both of you can keep company to each other.

Even though, don’t know if a baby can keep steady for a couple of minutes, maybe my protective-self wouldn’t be able to take my eyes of the baby, so no work done…lol

It seemed like a really fun addition, maybe adding a swing chair for you, to nurse the baby or just spend some time with him, would be a better idea.

Plus, i find that swing chairs make for great statement pieces!

The possibilities are infinite when designing a baby nursery. This were just a few things you can look for when searching for the perfect space.

Do you have a baby? Are you going to have one? or Are you like me? Just wondering what to look for when the time comes? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great ideas. Just going through these makes me want to have another baby. I did not have a nursery for my daughter, just a crib in my one bed room apartment. I will definitely get one for the next baby.

  2. The animal storage furniture are quite cool! I have aways looked for double and triple purpose furniture. They make my life easier and hides all the mess in the rooms.

  3. We had a crib that turned into a toddler bed then a twin bed. I loved that it had multiple uses and I wasn’t donating or storing it then buying something new.

  4. All of these are such great nursery ideas! I personally love the earthy vibes as well. I am currently preggo with #2 and we do not have a nursery but I do find myself looking for inspo for when we get a bigger house. These are all great! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I really love all your decorating ideas. And I love how you share your stories about your life all mixed in. I can’t believe your parents let you draw murals on the wall! Probably why you’re a designer today! I love those functional decorations I I had something like the animals set up in my house. But I’ve got boys and they destroy everything! We now have plastic bins because when they destroy those, they aren’t as costly to replace. Lol

    1. Yep! I had one wall that I could get as creative as I wanted! that’s one way my mom found to let us unwind without painting the whole house lol Plastic bins are great too! it makes it easier to have everything organized, I’ve got some friends with all boys and I get you when you say they destroy everything lol It’s just for now…while they are growing and being on their adventures and quests =D

  6. looks so pretty! I do hope I will be needing this soon but I have absolutely no idea what topic to choose

  7. I don’t see kids in my future at all. I don’t have a nurturing bone in my body. But I must admit that the animal ottomans are absolutely adorable! What a fun way to decorate and have it double as storage space. The reading nook is something I would love to create in my home, just in general too. I have an overflow of books and am relegated to the couch or my office to read. A recliner is something I want to add in! Even without wanting kids, you’ve given me some great decorating ideas to add in to my home.

  8. Having a reading spot is a wonderful idea! I always say it is never too early to start reading with your children, exposing them to more vocabulary is always a great idea, and kids love spending time with their parents hearing their voices. Great post!

  9. This is really wonderful. Love the idea of using a neutral base and agree with you that we just go crazy on the furniture and accessories. Love the idea of reading spaces too!

    I made a similar one for our classroom and my students loves it.

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