Buying all the seasonal decor we like from top stores can end up making a hole in our wallets! So i’ve got this year, some really nice DIY ideas for Halloween made with the Dollar Store goodies!

The best part of this ideas is that you can actually revert and use it for other things than what is was originally made for!

Because, if you live in small places you won’t probably don’t have lots of storage, right? Then, what can be better than doing a DIY project that can serve you a double purpose!

Top 5 Halloween reversible DIY ideas!

With no further ado…

Here are the best reversible decorations that you can DIY for Halloween and use them all year round!!

Halloween Wreath idea

This are so easy to adapt for whatever you like! Try making a neutral wreath! That way you can achieve a classy look and still enjoy Halloween!

Take a look at the steps for achieving this beautiful reversible wreath.



Roll the mesh roll around the wood blend wreath, leaving space between the mesh and the wreath to add some volume.

Apply the lace bushes leaving space between them so you can add some chenille stems and the glittery halloween branches in black and orange.

Try to distribute them equally all around the wreath leaving some stems longer than others to give movement to the decor piece.

Finally add the spiders all around using a nylon thread, leave some hanging of the thread to look like they are crawling!

How to reverse this Halloween diy idea?

Since we used a neutral base for your wreath, all you have to do is take of the black and orange stems, as well as the spiders (since they are not glued there will be no problem!).

Add flowers with a color of your preference and voila! A new wreath that you can use whenever you want!!

Glammed up version of Halloween diy ideas lantern!

halloween diy ideas



Place some of the wire led lights at the bottom and leave the rest outside of the vase.

Mix the spiders and small pumpkins and start putting some of them inside the vase in layers with the led lights so that at the end you’ll have the lights and the Haloween decor all mixed.

Leave the lights off during the day and at night light them up!

How to reverse it

Just take everything out, store the Halloween props for the next time and use the vase the way you like it…add some flowers or other decor itens that aren’t seasonal!

Metal Bucket decor centerpiece

halloween diy ideas



Wrap the metal bucket with the orange gift paper and the mesh rolls around it creating some waves and intertwining the black and purple meshes.

Poke the glittery branches on the floral foam all around it and leave some taller than others with space between.

Hide the foam with the decorative shred and place the coffins and skeletons inside the bucket in funny or scary poses, whatever you like most!

Have fun!

How to reverse this centerpiece idea to something you can use all year round?

Take of all the Halloween props and store them for the next year, then you’ll be left with a bucket perfect for storing anything else you need or use it as decoration with some greenery!

It’s as simple as that! Great right? Easy and quick reversible diy!

From Wire Metal baskets to Halloween Candyland!

halloween diy ideas candy



Intertwine the mesh rolls around the wire basket leaving it fluffy, don’t squish the mesh against the basket! Give it some movement.

Add the chenille stems around it with the skeletons doing haunting poses. When adding the skeletons use the Chenille stems to fix them so you don’t have to glue them.

With the black paper gift try to do a bottom for the basket, if you don’t the candy can go trough the wire holes!

Finally, add your favorite halloween candy and test the kids if they take the candy from the skeletons that are guarding it! Lots of fun for everybody!

How to reverse it

Since nothing is glued, just take off and store all the halloween props leaving you with a great storage place, the wire basket!

Using tiny decor objects to make for a bigger decoration piece makes it easier for you to store. Because you’ll just need to put away tiny objects, instead of bigger decor pieces.

Halloween tree!

halloween diy ideas

Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, so watching this movie again i thought, “We have Christmas trees, why not have a Halloween Trees also!”

And here we are! lol


  • Black tall bucket
  • Floral foam
  • Dry Branches
  • Glittery Halloween stems
  • Mesh rolls
  • Faux spider webs
  • Skeletons, spiders, witches…get everything you like! Go crazy!


Add the floral foam to the bottom of the basket and fix your dry branches on it to look just like a tree or little bush.

Get the mesh rolls and hide the floral foam with them. Poke the glittery stems near the branches to add some halloween colors.

Then, decorate your tree branches with all the halloween props you like! Skeletons, spiders, witches, bats! Go crazy! Add some faux spider to add a more spooky touch and there you have it! You’r own Halloween tree!!

How to reverse this Halloween diy idea?

Take the halloween props off. Add some cotton stems, wheat and yellow thistle bush stems and you’ll have a really cute decor piece done with dry plants!

What you think about this halloween diy ideas? Trying some of them? Let me know! Leave a comment below.

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  1. What a fantastic idea to have these DIY projects so versatile! They all look pretty simple (even for me who is diy challenged lol ) I will definitely have to try these out this year!

  2. These are fab ideas! I haven’t started with the Halloween decorations as I have been caught with a heavy work load so this is such a lifesaver. Can’t wait to make the Halloween tree.

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