Hello beautiful people! I don’t know you guys, but for me, when seasons change it means renewal and new festivities! So keeping my home organized is top priority to really enjoy this snuggling season! With that in mind, here are my best organization tips for fall!

I know it can get a little hectic if you’re the kind of person that likes to decorate for both fall and halloween! psiuuu! don’t worry! i’m like that too!

What do i do to keep everything organized, nicely decorated and really enjoy this season?

Organize beforehand

For everything in life, always be prepared beforehand! If you go and wait for when the event is near it will drive you crazy! Don’t do that to yourself!

Go in your monthly schedule and add: Prepare for fall!

Then do a checklist to help you get prepared and focused so you don’t miss anything.

Are you going to receive guests? Don’t know how to decorate your table? Check my ultimate guide to master the art of hosting!

Checklist for fall organization!

Start purging your home

Before actually decorating, an important step for the organization is purging!

What is purging? Well, it’s essentially to get rid or repurpose anything that you think it’s not useful to you, so new things can make part of your home.

You’ve got 2 options for this: You can either start decluttering your home about 2 weeks before fall, so doing a part of your home every day may sometimes be easier for the people who says they don’t have time.

You’re going to work in your home office? Declutter first before starting work! Going to make your dinner? Declutter first! This makes it easier to take action instead of looking for excuses.

If that doesn’t work for you, then separate a whole day of your schedule to get your hands dirty! Finish it in one day! It may be really tiring but you will feel accomplished and happy to have a home filled with just the things you love and need!

List your recipes

fall food tips

Every fall we discover new recipes and sometimes forget to try them out, start making a list with your favorite recipes and add new ones that you want to try with your loved ones!

So much yumminess! We need to make sure to try them all! lol

Like this cinnamon pumpkin waffles from Chealsea’s Messy Apron recipes! This is my favorite site to search for new yummy food!

Choose your decoration for fall

You may already have lots of decor for fall, so shop first in your fall decoration boxes! Anything you don’t want…donate, repurpose or put it in the trash if you think it’s beyond salvation!

Then you can go ahead and buy anything new that you’re eyeing or start your DIY projects!

Start decorating!

organization tips for fall, fall decor

Separate the weekend before fall starts to start your decorating process!

Remember, enjoy it! Don’t rush and try to tackle all your home at once! We always do some twicks even after we already said everything was done, isn’t that right? lol

Begin with your front door decor! Let your family and friends be received by fall!

After that, tackle social areas (kitchen, living room, mudroom and family rooms).

Move on to the private parts of your home, and lastly but not least, don’t forget to give some love to your laundry space! Decorate even the places we do not so nice chores, that will brighten the space and give it a nicer feeling when you’r there.

Decorate for Halloween

If you’r like me and love to decorate for both seasons, then decorate for halloween a week before! This will give you time to enjoy fall and halloween.

Add to your fall decor some halloween elements, and you’r all done! It’s as easy as that!

Then, 2 days after halloween you can pick it all up and store it for next year. I find that time frame perfect because it gives you time to breath, but not enough time that you’ll start making excuses and pushing it for other days..months…that you’ll end up with halloween decor on Christmas! lol

Last, but most important of the organization tips!

Try to keep all your seasonal decoration organized! Use storage boxes, bins, labels! This is the number one reason that will help you enjoy more the change between seasons!

If everything is stored in a neatly manner, you’ll get done everything much faster than if you have to go around your house trying to find all your decorations.

Too busy to find the right storage for your things? Here is a list of everything that will help you keep your home organized for any season change!

organization tips

Smart Stickers

storage tips

Ultra latch box

storage tip

Storage box

label maker organization tips

Label Maker

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