Todays Monday we’ve got Coastal decor! Focused on bedroom design!

Because what can be more relaxing than the soothing and tranquilizing vibes that this decor style give!

Some of the coastal decor types we have are: American coastal (California coastal and Florida coastal), Tropical coastal and Mediterranean coastal.

Today i’ll focus on American coastal with a mix between the more modern and muted California coastal style and the turquoisy and more heavy nautical referenced Florida style!

But, what makes a coastal decor?

Coastal decor Elements

Here are a list of the elements you can find on this kind of decor:

Soft palette

For a coastal decor you can find color palettes based in white, lots of white! lol

White walls, furniture and white ceilings paired with neutrals (ivory and sand for example) and accent colors that mimic the ocean life. Like blues, greens, turquoise, corals either on a bold option or a more pastel option.

Coastal decor color schemes

Here are some palettes to inspire you!

coastal decor scheme palette

Nautical references

Nautical decor pieces are a must for this decor! So bring some shells, sea sponges, corals, rope decor, stripes and nautical prints to get the beach vibes wherever you live!

This style has become so popular, that is not bound to geographical location anymore!

Attention! Be careful when bringing the nautical references not to cross the line of a well planned design and start looking like a themed party! Unless, that’s what you’re going for!

Natural materials

As for natural materials, look to work with wood, wicker, jute, seagrass, burlap and linen!

Remember that coastal decor emulates the beachy vibes and ambiance, that’s what you should look for!

Natural light

Again, since the outdoor is our reference, you’ll want to try and bring all the natural light, as possible, inside.

If your space doesn’t have much natural light, try bouncing the light by using a mirror parallel to where the light enters the space. The mirror disperses that light through the room.

Distressed or bleached wood

You can find this element in furniture or decor pieces to give that appearance as to been burned by the sun. Other option in a coastal decor is using driftwood!

Hot tip! For the wood tone, for this style, choose more maple or ashy tones.

Reflective decor pieces

When looking for the decor pieces, look for reflective type of decor, the ones that give you the feeling of the ocean reflecting the sun!

So chrome, gold and pieces like pearl decor!


Nothing sends more relaxing vibes in a bedroom than a nice scent that reminds you of summer days on the beach.

So if you like scents too, go for sandalwood, coconut or pineapplely scents!

Coastal Decor Moodboard!

Here’s a board full of inspiration for decor items, textures and furniture for the coastal style.

coastal decor inspiration

Shop the look!

coastal decor sign
decor basket
candel decor
jute rug decor option
driftwood decor option
mirror coastal decor
coastal decor pillow

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  1. I love the coastal look, colors and feel! The pieces you show are perfect to add to any coastal space!

  2. Ooo I love this! One of my favorite colors is blue, so the pops of teal in the background are perfect.

  3. Coastal decor is something I love as it just looks so bright and fresh when it is done correctly. I totally agree with your comment that you should be careful not to go ‘overboard’ with the theme. You can definitely achieve a much better look with the theme by being understated. Lots of light and bright coastal colours are key.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this look! Ive been wanting to redo my bedroom for a while now and this post has given me some serious inspiration!

  5. I love water and I have always love coastal decor when on vacation. This is a cute chic way to bring it home!

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