Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be a long one, full with precious information! Let’s achieve your dream home design!

So grab a cup of your preferred beverage, coffee..tea… and a notebook and pen to right down all the steps of this guide to designing any space!

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This are all the steps i personally use when planning the design of any space of my home.

The Home Design Guide!

I’ve separated it into 11 steps to make the process easier to follow and more organized since, it’s a lot of information and i don’t want you to feel discouraged, but motivated because it’s actually easier than it looks!

Let’s start this guide!

If you downloaded the workbook you can actually start the planning of your space with me right know!

Step 1 – Know your space

The first thing you need to do for any space that you’r going to work on, is take measurements. This will help you define the right size of the furniture as well as define a better flow for the space.

And to make sure you won’t forget the measures just make a simple sketch! Don’t forget to add the following information:

  • walls length
  • locate doors and windows
  • add windows length and height
  • locate any protruding elements, like fireplaces, and add how much it comes forward

On the workbook you’ll find a space to do your sketch and a tiny model. Check it in the picture below.

home design step

Step 2 – Define the space function

You need to define the room key activities, so it makes it easier to decorate it accordingly.

A well defined space helps prevent you from focusing on other areas but the ones you actually want to tackle in your dream room.

So ask yourself a few questions, what functions do you want this space to have? For example, is the room a bedroom? do you need a space to work on the bedroom? no? then you just want a place to relax.

Then the key activities in that room are going to be sleep and relax. Focus on making the design achieve the goals you have for that space.

Write your goals down to keep you accountable!

Step 3 – Choose your home design style

If you haven’t already chosen a style for your home or you want to change that specifically space style, this is the time for it.

First, if you have a decoration style defined, then proceed to planning that space with the same decor as the rest of your home.

Second, if you want to change the style on a room, you can do so by adding pieces of other styles that actually complement your existing decor, creating a cohesive design throughout your house.

Decoration Styles

How can you know what styles complement each other?

Well, it’s really difficult to find someone who only likes one kind of decoration style, we normally are a combination of 2.

Since there are tons of styles, i’m going to divide it into 10 categories for an easier visualization:

  • Modern
  • Coastal
  • Traditional
  • French Country
  • Zen/minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Coastal Chic
  • Farmhouse
  • Industrial
  • Bohemian/Boho

For me, the best way to combine styles is analyzing what elements or characteristics they have in common.

Take a look at the industrial and farmhouse styles, this two go great together because they both use wood and metals, as well as, the repurpose of machinery parts as decor itens.

After choosing your decor style, make a moodboard for you with inspirational images of the decor you wish for.

Step 4 – Define your color scheme

There are many ways to do this but the rule that i find easier to follow is the 60-30-10 Rule!

That goes 60% being your walls, the predominant color, so choosing neutrals is the best way to go.

30% being upholstery and hard surfaces, so again, you can choose here a secondary base color.

And the last 10% being your accessories, so you can choose 1-3 accent colors.

In total you will have 5 colors in your scheme, 2 base colors (one primary and one secondary) and 3 accent colors.

But there’s a catch, in the 30% you can actually choose 1-2 different colors for your hard surfaces.

What are hard surfaces? This refers to your lamp bases and all your furniture legs. So you need to choose metal finishes or wood finishes.

Step 5 – Set your budget!

This is a really important part of the process because from now on you’ll begin searching for the decoration pieces that will make your design.

So, always set a budget before you start looking at the furniture and decoration items.

If you’ve got the workbook, i outlined some questions to make you think about what you really need, what you don’t need, what you wish to have and how can you still do everything by implementing some DIY projects to keep your budget on track.

Step 6 – Ground your design

The way i start any room is by choosing my rug! And i use 3 conditions for it:

First i choose the size of the rug by deciding if i want all the furniture legs inside the rug or only the front legs of them.

Second i choose the color, based on my color scheme. In that note you also have 3 conditions:

  • you can choose a rug that has your accent colors (patterned rugs),
  • a rug that is your accent color (solid rug or patterned rug that the predominant color is your accent color)
  • a rug with a solid neutral color.

Lastly, i choose the material of the rug based on the intensity of traffic of the area that the rug is going to be placed.

Almost every time and everywhere i go for low maintenance rugs, that are rugs made of wool, nylon or jute, for example.

Step 7 – Choose your furniture

This is the time where i also seize the moment to do some decluttering in the space!

Because what a better way to start fresh than decluttering? I bet Marie Kondo would be really happy to see we are being grateful to our old things, before bringing new ones that spark new joy in our lives!

So, before choosing your new furniture, always check to see what existing pieces are going to be part of the design, which ones you are going to keep but place in other rooms and which ones you are going to donate or put in the trash.

After all the decluttering, you can finally start listing all the pieces of furniture you want for the space.

List the name, store and price, just in case you find the same or similar piece somewhere else you’ve got a comparison list to make the better buying decisions.

Step 8 – Choose your wall art

My best tip for choosing wall art is to always pick what speaks to you and only you. Don’t go buying something just because it goes with the color scheme or the style of the space.

If you don’t like it, don’t hang it! That’s my motto!

Besides, wall art doesn’t necessarily need to match the color scheme, you can actually used it to create some contrast in the space.

Step 9 – Pick your lighting!

In any space, if possible, always choose 03 types of lighting.

  • Ambient lighting: to light the whole room
  • Directional lighting: to give you light for specific tasks, such as reading.
  • Accent lighting: this one is used to enhance architectural or art elements.

If you’r looking for some lighting fixtures i recommend taking a look at Lighting New York products, they have a huge variety and you can save 50% on Visual Comfort Open Boxes, new inventory is added daily!

Step 10 – Choose a window treatment for your home design

When it comes to window treatment you need to take into consideration the place you will install, the task you want it to perform and the style of decor you already chose.

In my opinion we have 04 major kinds of coverings:

  • Curtains
  • Shutters
  • Shades (roman or roller)
  • Blinds (horizontal or vertical)

You can choose to layer 02 kinds, like a curtain and a shade, you can use only one or 02 of the same kind, like double curtains.

After choosing the kind of window treatment you want, you can choose the color or it, based on your color scheme.

For those of you who don’t know how to pick and install curtains or curtains rods, i’ve got a great guide on each of those topics. Go check them out!

Step 11 – Add greenery & Accessorize

This final step is what makes a room looked finished and curated.

Have you ever wondered why you feel like your space feels like there’s something missing? Like your home design is unfinished?

Greenery and accessories are your answer!

Accessories help to define the style of decor you chose, they add texture and dimension, as well as, they show your personality in the space.

And plants give life and refresh the air we breath, making them great for our design and our health!

You did it! You achieved your dream home design!

Congratulations for making it this far!! I apologize for this long post but this are all the steps i personally take when designing a space.

If you downloaded the workbook you have a whole space planned out ready to execute!! Get ready and start decorating like a pro!

If you liked it share it and leave some comments below!

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