Welcome to a Trendy Thursday! The series that show you the trends on home decor! Today’s turn is the wood beaded chandelier!

Who else has recently noticed that almost everybody is acquiring this beauties? Scrolling on my instagram i’ve noticed how versatile this type of chandelier is and why is such a loved item!

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Moving on…lol

Reasons to love this chandelier!

Here are the reasons why you’ll love them too!!

Easy to match

There are plenty of styles that you can choose to make a statement in any room, bedrooms, dining rooms, you name it!

You can find them in natural wood beans, white, distressed.

The neutral colors in this wood beaded chandeliers are easy to fit in your decor!

Wow you on and off

Something that in my opinion makes this chandelier different from the others is that, they make a statement either on or off. Which is totally a pro to me!

Dress them up or down!

This is the reason why i completely fell for this chandelier because, i’m not the crystal chandelier type of girl, but with this light i can give an up to my decor without having to use shiny decor objects.

What do i mean?

Well, you can find the wood beaded chandeliers in a rustic style and even with a more shiny finish like gold.

It’s not as shiny as its partner the cristal chandeliers but, in my view, it can still give you the glam that you wish with a less uptight feeling that cristal chandeliers give.

wood beaded chandelier

Above you can see what i was trying to explain, how this lighting can give a really relaxing vibe to a room.

But because it’s a chandelier type lighting, the space feels glamorous without the shine of crystals.

But, if you like a more glamorous look, you can still achieve it if you choose this chandelier with some gold finishes, like the image below.

wood beaded chandelier

Are you in love with the wood beaded chandeliers now? Because i know i am!

Shop this beauty!

While doing this post i was thinking, could it be possible to make a DIY of this chandelier?

Because the price can be a little salty…what do you guys/girls/dogs/cats lol the person who’s reading…what do think about this idea?

Would you like to see a wood beaded chandelier DIY?? Leave a comment if you liked the idea and would like to see if i can actually pull it off!!

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