How many of you like powder room decor?

I find that the powder room is the best place if you want to go crazy on your decor, because it’s smaller thant the other spaces in a house.

In my case, my powder room is under the staircase, so it’s small and there’s a point in the bathroom that the height is compromised because of the stairs.

It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking what to do with it, so many ideas! Lol

But I finally decided to follow a modern farmhouse design for it.


Something like this:

powder room bathroom decor

White base, shiplap half way on the walls and tile stencil on the floor to give it a wow factor.

Or instead of tile stencil, the second option would be a beautiful wall paper above the shiplap.

Tip! When you’r working with patterns, choose one place to use the pattern and leave the rest simple. Too many patterns create, too much information and you could get bored easily.

So, when trying to update a room always try to choose colors and patterns you know you’ll be able to live with for a long time, otherwise, the update is gonna get expensive if you have to change it up in such a short time.


If i end up choosing wall paper for the part above the shiplap i want to have a really patterned design.

For a little impact when people open the door. Some of the designs that are in trend are palm leaves, geometric and flower patterns.

I don’t know why but i find that for my idea of a modern farmhouse decor i wanted a lemony wallpaper, i stumbled over various powder rooms with this wallpaper and i simply loved it! And in my view, it looks kind of farmhouse like.

What do you guys think? Too crazy? Or maybe i should go with something more neutral and timeless? Decisions, decisions… lol

Tile Stencil

For the tile stencil, i’m finding it hard to choose one! There are sooo many options and they all are so beautiful!

If you were looking for tile stencil too, here’s my favorite shop: Cutting Edge Stencils

Three of the contenders that i’m deciding to use on the powder room are:

In first place is the honeycomb tile pattern, i find it really simple yet fun, because you can personalize it with whatever messages you like!

Fun Signs

Another thing that i would be surely placing in the bathroom is some fun wall art, to make the visitor laugh a little. It’s good to laugh whenever you can!

Here are some of the wall art that i’m going to put in the powder room:

I’m going to spread them through out the bathrooms in my home and occasionally exchange them, to refresh them once in a while.

Another aspect that i’m going to use in the powder room are plants! This green friends help refresh the air and give life to any space in your home.

Plants are definitely a must!

Just check if you have enough light in your powder room to choose the correct plant, if not, your plant is not going to thrive.

I’m waiting for all the materials we need to arrive and there’s some i need to buy, so i can start the powder room renovation and i’ll make a video for a before and after.

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  1. That white powder room is goals! I recently moved and my powder room is all white, and I’m loving the look of plants in there.


  2. I love the fun signs, haha! Also, the lemon background is really fun and farmhouse-like: I say, go for it!!

    I love your style, and thanks for posting! The bathroom is always hardest for me to decorate, so this helps a lot!!

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