Hi! We’ve got a color trend alert for this autumn/winter 2019/2020 home decor!! Are you ready?

Look at this gorgeous colors from Pantone neutral palette!

Vanilla Custard – Guacamole – Paloma – Evening Blue

Have you already seen them on the fall collections? Of course, together with the traditional fall colors, places like Pottery Barn, Magnolia home and Crate and barrel have wow us with products in there collections that we can actually use all year round!

That’s what i define as a great collection! Because we can’t always go around buying all seasonal decor…that wouldn’t leave any space in my closets but, it would certainly do so in my wallet! lol

There are various decor pieces you can find with that color palette making it easy for you to change or update your home color scheme.

Curious to see the must haves that will complement your home, all year round and, are easy to found anywhere? Let’s start!


This beautiful piece is really versatile, you can either used it inside your home or for the outdoor decoration. They can also be other lighting option for you to set the mood in your room!

Nowadays you can find so many designs of lanterns that any decor style can have one as a decoration piece.


home decor trend

I think i have an old soul because i’m always feeling chilly lol

So, it doesn’t matter what time of the year we are, throws are great pieces to keep you warm and give a little up on our decor. Have an old stain in your sofa and can’t buy another? Put a throw! Have an old chair? Put a throw over it! Can’t recommend enough this piece! It’s simple and does a great job at accessorizing your space.


Love candles! They are small but have lots of functions in your design. They can help bring a candle light mood, they can scent your space with beautiful aromas and bring a calm and relaxing ambiance.


home decor trend

I’m completely in love with the vases in the Magnolia Home fall collection great neutral colors that can be matched with any home color palettes. Vases are a great decor piece that give height in your decor, you can either use them just as vases or you can add some flowers to them and use it as planters!

Pillows are always in trend!

The best piece of all are pillows, they are not that expensive and you can exchange them easily, even more easily if you use pillow covers! Making them an excellent investment for your decor.

Wall art – Signs

home decor trend

We can find signs of various materials, like metal or wood, and the messages are infinite. A good idea is to buy a sign with a message that you can use all year round like the signs for laundry, pantry or welcome! Timeless pieces! Can’t go wrong!

Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils doesn’t have to be just functional! They too can be part of your decor! Nowadays we can find great products that are both beautiful and practical.

Check my post on how to decorate your dinner table party and master the hosting art!

Shop the must have’s!

There you have it! The itens in trend to a beautiful home decor! And the best part of all is that you can find them easily and they also make for excellent gifts because of their neutral palette. Flattering anyones home!

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  1. I have two throws, not only do I like how it helps tie the living room together but I love cuddling up with them.

  2. What a great accessories list for the home. They each bring a sense of warmth and relaxation to a house, to make it a home. The color palettes are fantastic, as well.

  3. I LOVE that fall color palette! Those colors are all stunning together. I always forget to use candles and throws fr decor. I love the ideas you’ve brought up in this post!

  4. I love decorating. And I love that pillows is on this list. I have a thing with pillows. I probably have too many already, but I can’t resist them, haha.

  5. I always wished I had the money to really decorate my home. I love the way you show the color palette above. I usually start decorating and then have to slowly remove everything before the kids destroy it!

  6. I love those colors particularly the vanilla and guacamole tones, that’s pretty much the color scheme of my living room anyways! All of these trends would look awesome in our apartment

  7. Great ideas! definitely it will add a lot to your house! I’ll keep that in mind for decor

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