Today I was rearranging my craft room and found a really nice fabric that I had bought from a specialty place of decorative textiles. So a really easy sewing DIY came to mind! How about making my own placemats!!

It’s a great way to update your table decor and use fabric scraps that you may have laying around.

Let’s get started!

Materials for the placemats

  • Fabric scraps with at least 28-30 inches or…if you have more fabric it would be better to be 35 inches
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread color of your choosing
  • Sewing machine
materials for making placemats

Do you really need a sewing machine? Of course not, you can do it by hand too….it will just take you longer to finish but works great as well!


Step 1

As always, the first step on any diy project is to measure! Measure and conquer or… measure so the project won’t be all crooked lol

Take your fabric and square it, if it’s not aligned.

This will help on making all the placemats have the same size.

Step 2

placemats diy

Measure and divide the fabric square into 4 equal parts. Having all measured you can go ahead and cut the pieces.

Step 3

Get your pins and do a double fold on the 4 edges of each piece. The double fold will create a better finish for the placemats.

Step 4

Start sewing!!! If you don’t have a sewing machine do it by hand…but before starting you can call your mom, your grandma and make a sewing tea time!

That way everyone will have a good time and you can finish faster! Good right?


Here are my new table placemats finished!! Awesome way to update your table linens right? It didn’t cost much and it was fast!

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