Looking to start the week with some inspiration? What about a nice moodboard for a living room in modern farmhouse style?

But what defines this modern farmhouse decor? Let’s start by defining the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse attributes


The Farmhouse decor brings a casual feeling to the atmosphere, where you can just relax, be cozy and have a great time with your family. It’s an inviting style where your guests will feel welcomed and at home.


This atribute needs to be taken in consideration in any style you choose, but particularly in this style it needs to be the main point after esthetics. This kind of decor originated from the actual day-to-day life in a farm, so everything need it to be practical and have utility.

How do you make that happen? Plan the layout of the room based on what’s the room going to be, what are you going to use it for and consider a good flow around it.

Farm objects as decoration

farmhouse objects decor

Elements that bring to live the farmhouse decor are the farm motif objects, of course! So even if you don’t live in a farm you can make reference to it.

Have in mind that when I say farm objects, you don’t need to over decorate and go filling your house with chickens, rosters and cows. This can lead you to a corny country decor.

Make use of natural materials (wood, wicker, rattan), barn doors, galvanized metal storage buckets, weathered finishes, greenery and vintage pieces.

If you don’t have an easy access to a flea market or farmhouse themed stores take a look at the

Mix and Match furniture

A mixed and matched decor is crucial for this style. Take your time when putting together this kind of decoration. This decor shouldn’t be store bought in one day but rather, go around the flea markets, collect objects that reflect and mean something to you.

The farmhouse decor has history, that’s why it’s such an enchanting decoration style. Because it has character! And that’s hard to achieve in one day.

Modern Farmhouse attributes

Now that we know what makes a farmhouse decor, to achieve the modern farmhouse look is even easier!

Use everything I mentioned before and add:

Neutral Palettes

You must be thinking “I hear all the time, use neutral palettes”, but what is a neutral palette?

Simply put, white, black, gray and browns. This are colors that have equal parts of the three main colors (red, yellow and blue).

A neutral palette is an atribute of a modern design, bringing a clean and crisp look to the decor. Which makes for an easy way to mix the modern and farmhouse styles.

Industrial decor pieces

The straight lines that the industrial-inspired pieces have also link your decor to the more modern look. And since there’s a lot of metal and wood, this style also makes for a perfect fit with the farmhouse decor.

The look

modern farmhouse decor

As you can see, here we have neutral palettes, great flow bringing practicality to the space, farmhouse decor objects and industrial light fixtures combining to make a perfect example, for the modern farmhouse look!

Here’s today moodboard with all the elements we mentioned above to guide you in your home decor!

farmhouse home decor inspirational ideas

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    1. Thanks Christine!! if there’s any room you would like special inspiration don’t hesitate to ask! Comment if you would like and specific decoration style as well!

  1. I love your farmhouse look – totally my taste. I prefer second hand furniture. Most of my furniture has been picked up at markets, ebay or antique stores.

  2. I love looking at farmhouse decor. I dream of having a home like this. But I also live near the beach and then I dream of decorating my home beach themed. Maybe I need two houses!

  3. I love the informal cozy aspect of this look! That is something that fits into my style perfectly. I also thoroughly enjoy searching for my furniture at flea markets and second hand stores as I go. It is fun because when I find the perfect piece, it is so exciting. I am that weirdo, yes. Lol.

  4. I love farmhouse decor! I’m glad you mentioned the difference between farmhouse and country decor. I have some pieces in my kitchen that are the farmhouse decor. I have mason jars, old pottery pieces and some vintage signs. Thanks for sharing about the mood board, it was very informative.

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