Planning your next vacation? Planning to travel during spring? Here’s a great option for you! Travel to Kobe, Japan!

There’s no secret around my family and friends that I absolutely love my trips to Japan! Every time I went, discovered new and exciting places, foods, people and Japanese products.

Last time, we (me & my husband) decide to go in spring to try and see the sakura blossoming…let me tell you…absolutely fairy like! Beautiful! Too bad they don’t last too much.

One of the cities we decided to visit was Kobe! It’s located in the southern side of Japan and it’s primarily know for the Kobe beef.

But there are so many activities you can also do there, specially in spring!

Arriving in Kobe

First thing you need to do when arriving In Kobe is go to the information booth. There you can find a brochure with lots of discount coupons for restaurants, transportation and activities around Kobe.

Traveling is expensive so if you can save a little to spend in other things during the trip, I think it’s even better!

You’ll get more experiences with the same amount of money!

Morning activities around Kobe

Arrive early in the morning at Kobe Station, grab your brochure with discounts and head to the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway!

There’s a discount coupon for the Herb Garden in the brochure.

It’s a 15min walk from the station. On the ropeway you get a wonderful view of the Nunobiki Waterfall and the city!

There are 2 stations for the ropeway. I recommend going all the way up and walk down to the first station. Since it’s a mountain, the road can be a little steep.

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden
Mountaintop of the Herb Garden

Since the garden opens at 10am you can either spend the morning there and have lunch at the restaurant or you can go down to the Kobe port and have lunch at Mouriya restaurant to try the famous Kobe beef.

I recommend lunch over dinner, if you really want to try the Kobe beef, because for dinner the prices more than double at the restaurants.

You can also go to Mount Rokko by Rokko Cable car and enjoy a fun day at the Mt. Rokko National Park.

Tip for transportation!

There’s a Cityloop bus available for tourists. It stops at all the principal tourist attractions of the city.

You can even buy a 1-day pass for the cityloop bus with the driver. It allows you to use the bus unlimited times for the day and even gives you discount at various places!

And don’t worry about searching for the bus because there are specific stops for this transport. I’ll leave a photo of them below.

You can find more transport options here.

After lunch time, taking a walk at the Meriken Park, it’s really nice, you can see all the movement, pass by the earthquake memorial and check out all the cruises at the bay.

Afternoon activities

There are so many activities to choose but if your in a 1 day trip In Kobe, during spring (that was my case) these are my top suggestions if this is not a family trip:

1. Go Sakura viewing at the Okamoto Bairin Park

2. Take a cruise around the Kobe bay (we didn’t have time to do this, but it’s definitely on my to do list for the next time!)

3. Visit the Kirin Beer Kobe Brewery or visit the Sake Museums

4. Take part on the New Year Festival in Chinatown

5. Go shopping at Harborland Umie

Watch out!

Remember that since it’s a 1 day trip you should choose 1 or 2 things to do at most! Because you need to consider the time you’ll waist between places.

For the family

1. Go Sakura viewing at the Sumatra Mountaintop Amusement Park

2. Go play at the Anpanman Children Museum & Mall

3. Visit the Forest Adventure Kobe Mt. Rokko

4. Visit the Kobe Misterious Consulate of Trick Art

Kobe at night

Kobe, Japan

I’m not much of a partying person, as well as my husband, so we ended up just enjoying the Kobe Port night view at the Meriken Park and went shopping at Harborland Umie.

We had dinner at a restaurante inside Harborland and them went to take our train back to Osaka, we where dead tired from the jetlag and the day time activities.

But…if you’ve got more energy than us lol you can also enjoy the night view either from a cruise or from the Venus bridge.

Venus Bridge, kobe - japan
Venus bridge

If you’r in northern Kobe, take the tiredness of the day activities by diving your body in healing waters of the Arima Onsen. Which i highly recommend!

Kobe has a lot to offer whether you are in a couple trip or in a family vacation. I only mentioned a few activities but you can check all you can do in Kobe here.

Have you gone to Kobe? What did you liked best? Comment below! If you like it, share it and if you loved it subscribe!

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