Do you feel you don’t have enough storage in your home? Tired of feeling like all your stuff may swallow you someday? Want some storage ideas?

Worry no more friends! I’ve got 10 ingenious storage ideas to organize your home!

Let’s start the tidying up guys!

1. Shoe cabinets

This furniture is a great piece to have at home, you can put it in your entryway and use it to storage your shoes as wells as double it as a table to organize your keys and other small items.

And if you’re like me and love a pair of shoes lol another idea for it would be to place one in your bedroom for storing your extra shoes and used it like a tv stand!

Don’t know where to begin to tell you how this idea helped so much!!

It kept my shoes organized, as well as, my room! Our apartment was tiny! And since I don’t like to hang the tv on the wall, the only furniture that could fit in our room was the bed and the shoe cabinet with the tv on top!

Yep, I told you it was tiny! lol

show cabinet storage idea

2. Wire basket storage

This piece is a true magician! It can be a side table, storage or a side table with storage! All you need to do is add a wood top a linen bag inside and there you have it!

wire basket storage idea

Liked the idea? Here are some beautiful storage tables for you!

3. Coffee table trunk

Want a beautiful piece as well as a functional one? Using trunks as coffee tables or side tables can sove both of your problems! Small spaces goals right? Functionality and esthetics holding hands!

storage idea

4. Bench storage idea

We normally have a bench on our entry way, but why not used it as storage too! Baskets underneath it can hold your shoes or umbrellas.

You can also have a bench like trunk to store all your linens if you don’t have enough space in your closet!

bench storage idea

5. Underneath bed storage

What could be best than a place to store and HIDE! all your stuff! Underneath bed storage is great for that!

Here are some really nice products for underneath bed storage! My favorite one is the wire underbid cart because it’s practical and easy to pull when you need!

You can also combine the wire cart with the underbed storage bags to make it cute and practical! Also, the bag helps to keep the dust away!

You can also find a combination of both! Not that cute but still really functional!!

6. Go vertical with ladders!

Don’t have enough space for a nice entryway? What about going vertical with ladders! Use them as a coat stand and/or… shoe storage!

home decor storage idea organization

7. Sitting Ottomans! Storage Ottomans!

Need sitting options and storage? Don’t know if you can have both? Ottomans are for you!! They can give you both options!

ottoman for storage

Were you wondering if there were any modern looking ottomans to go with your decor? Here are some that I find really beautiful besides functional!

8. Pegboard storage idea!

Don’t have much storage space in your kitchen? How about using the walls! Add a pegboard and solve your problems! Look at this beautiful pegboard project created by Firma 21! I’m in love with it!

9. Shelves over your doorway

What about some storage space over your head? It keeps your things off the ground and stored beautifully.

10. Bar carts

This guys are great! Use them in your bedroom as side tables, in your living as a bookcase or even in your bathroom! They are practical because you can take them anywhere (just add some wheels!) and they can almost fit everywhere!

Here are some nice bar carts under $50 for you to decorate your home!

Those were the 10 functional and esthetically beautiful options for storage ideas! If you like it, share it! And if you loved it, subscribe!

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  1. Great storage solutions! I have a utility cart on my list of space saving items to buy. I love the metal baskets that double as tables too!

  2. I love these ideas! My family of three spent the last year in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment, so finding unique (but stylish!) storage ideas was always the struggle. Definitely wish I had these ideas then, but I’ll be using them from this point on for sure!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of dual purpose items in small areas like ottomans with storage in them or bench storage options on a bench you would use to put shoes on in the front entry way.

  4. Excellent ideas! I’ve stayed away from those wire tables and baskets, but I didn’t think about lining them with a linen bag. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about the storage looking messy. Thanks!

  5. These home furnishings are very cute! I especially loved the shoes cabinet and the coffee wire table. Whoever says you have to have a BIG house to be happy is so wrong. Look at everything you accomplished with this home.

  6. I am a stickler for organization and constantly rearranging things to give myself more space to store things. These suggestions are amazing. I love the ladders and the trunks for an end table or coffee table. I’m always on the hunt for things like these in thrift stores to add to my house. Now I have even more ideas and inspiration!

  7. I love your site and everything about it. A very well written article on storage and keep up the good work. Excellent pictures.

  8. Thank you! I’m on a a serious hunt for functional-but-cute storage ideas to get the mess out of the way and bring some calm into my place. Love the shoe cabinet!

  9. Great storage ideas! It’s always nice when our surroundings look neat and organized. Having a bar cart is an awesome idea!

  10. These are indeed some excellent ideas. I recently moved to a new place – so I am doing the house from the scratch. Ottoman and ladder storage are indeed one of the coolest and take up minimum space while solving multiple purposes. Loved your post! 🙂

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