Hello guys! This is the series where friends, family, subscribers and anyone who wants guidance with a decoration project reaches out to me for a Handy Help on their home decor!

In this episode a good friend of mine, Mika, wanted help with her new apartment living and dining room area.

Below it’s her message in portuguese therefore, I will translate it for you to understand.

Hi! How are you? I wanted some help with decorating my living room. I’ve got some doubts about wall paper and decor items!

Hi Mih! Everything’s great! It would be so nice to help you!

Thank you so much!

I’m gonna ask you lots os questions to help me define your project requirements ok? let’s start!


First of all, we talked about her requirements in the space so I could gather information for a better solution for her project.

As a result, she told me that since her furniture was all new changing it wasn’t an option therefore, she wanted some layout ideas to compose the old furniture with some new pieces.

As you can see in her floor plan, the apartment has kind of an open concept going on so, if you also have this layout…here’s a tip for a cohesive design:

Always try to incorporate any color from the existing spaces into the other ones!

As a result, you can avoid ending up with 3 different rooms that don’t really go together because they may have conflicting colors or even styles!

In this project, the kitchen cabinets are black so, I planned to use this color in the other spaces as small decorations. Thus, keeping her preference of a lighter palette for the social areas.

The home decor proposal

After approving the desing palette and getting to knowing how she would like to use the spaces, i presented her with my design proposal!

Layout Proposal

The dining area, I placed it right in front of the kitchen window to make it more functional when having parties or guests at home as a result, she can use the window to communicate.

As for the living room, since the tv stand is a built-in, the sofa would have to stay right in front of it.

Now, seeing that we have that long wall that goes from the front door all the way to the living my idea was to keep it simple but add some texture with white brick wall paper.

Living area decor idea

The furniture that she already had were a gray sofa, a white and maple wood tv stand and a dinner table. To match the existing pieces with the new ones, I proposed to keep everything neutral and add a little bit of color in smaller pieces like pillows and wall prints.

Coincidentally, I found a side table that matched with her tv stand built-in, how lucky right? the wood tones would be harmonious. A beautiful print with hints of colors and pillows with lots of texture complete the look for the living area.

Living room moodboard

living room decor, idea of home decor

Shop the look!

Dining area decor idea

For the dining area i continued the same color scheme and made a little area in front of the dinner table, something like a tiny mudroom space that doubles as a entertainment table when she has guests.

That way she can have a place to put her keys and other things when she arrives home.

Great idea for those who keep losing there keys…which i do all the time! lol

Additionally, I proposed a beautiful golden mirror to match the living room pendant. Placing it in the front door wall allows for it to catch all the light that comes from the balcony and disperses the natural light through all the spaces.

Dining room Moodboard

dining room decor, idea of home decor

This is it!

Hope you guys find useful the tips I gave through out this post.

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