Do you have a large blank wall unifying an open concept at home? don’t know what to do with it? Wondering how to decorate it and achieve a cohesive style in your home? I have myself stumbled with this situation and boy!… it is hard to try and bring together a cohesive decoration for it, at least for me lol

The wall that is giving me a hard time to decorate brings togehter two spaces in my home, the living and dinning room, below is my current situation for you to understand what I’m talking about.

Long blank wall that unifies my living and dining room

So to help anyone that may be having this dilemma too, here are my 5 top decoration ideais for achieving a cohesive style in open concept spaces!

#1 Architectural elements

Exposed beams and fireplaces! You can already have them or you can add faux ones, either way they add so much visual interest to the space, that helps differentiate the areas without cutting the open concept feeling.

#2 Connecting spaces with trims or mouldings!

Who else is crazy about trims and mouldings? it’s such an easy and friendly budget solution to create visual interest in a space and it also ties beautifully the spaces. Also, you can make so many nice designs with it, that the sky is the limit!

home decor cohesive design

#3 Apply wall paper

If you want to add texture to a room you can always go for wall paper! This is also a budget friendly solution and there are so many different designs and even textures that you can easily find a design that matches your style.

#4 Use furniture (or Built-ins)

You can use ceiling high built-ins, for example. It frames the difference spaces, creating storage space and adding on depth for a more 3D visual. That’s a great idea to make the room your decoration, pop! from the wall and don’t look as if every piece is glued at it. It’s like you’r adding layers to your decoration, which makes for a more interesting layout.

open space cohesive style

#5 Make use of decoration elements!

Using decoration elements like tall lighting or plants you can define where a space begins and ends just like using rugs! Brings texture, color and still keeps the open concept cohesive through the decoration elements.

HOT TIP! When you try to decorate an open concept space try to think about each area as scenes, where everyone of them has elements and colors in common, so that way when you open the scene to a full wide view all of them make for a cohesive view.

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That’s it guys! If you use any of this ideias or you’ve got new ones comment below!

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