Since we bought our home I’ve been looking for ways to renovate it and bring our style through budget friendly and diy projects.

Here’s a list of my top ten solutions to achieve your Pinterest space for less!

#1 Spice up your sofa with pillows and throws!

Pillows and throw can give your room some color, texture and fun! Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pillow sizes, shapes, colors, textures and fabrics. It seems like a minor change, but when you do, it will refresh your space! And if your up for some manual work, you can look for inspiration and DIY your own pillows!

#2 Paint can make wonders!

I find that painting a room is the easiest way to flip a space. Paint gives you the opportunity to be creative, you can add a graphic design to a wall, you can paint half the wall, you can paint the ceiling, you can even paint an image. So whatever your style is, you can paint it!

#3 Refresh spaces with wall paper

Wall paper is a great way to add images, texture, color or a whimsical touch to a space. Nowadays you can even find peel and stick wall paper, which makes the installation process less difficult and the variety is huge!

#4 Change your bedding

This is such a simple solution, but just as pillows it refresh’s a space instantly! You can either make your own or go to your favorite website to search for wonderful sales of bedding!

#5 Add plants and flowers to your decor

I love plants! For me, they give life to a space, they freshen up the air we breath, give a touch of color and finalizes the decor! And if your like me and don’t really like having flowers because they whither quickly and are expensive, you can go for plants that don’t have flowers like Fiddle leaf figs, Chinese evergreen or Rubber plants (HOT TIP if you were wondering…they are almost impossible to kill!)

#6 Don’t forget window treatment!

Adding curtains to a space is great! It frames your windows, gives you privacy and adds to your decoration. You can either keep them neutral or make them a focal point! I made the easiest step by step guide on how to choose your curtains, go check it out!

#7 Swap your rugs!

Changing your rug area is something quick to update your home, change the style or ad some color creating big impact quickly. You can either buy a new one, but we know rugs can be pretty expensive, so you can make your own rug with diy projects or actually swap the rugs around your home to get new looks with the ones you already have!

Looking for beautiful rugs under $100? Here are some:

#8 Change the hardware

Hardware may seem like small decoration elements but they can make a show! Just by changing the knobs your furniture or kitchen cabinets can look refreshed. Make a statement even with this small decorations!

#9 Update your flooring with tile stencils

Tile stencils are so versatile! Perfect for updating, for example, a powder room or mud room. Who would say stencil and paint could make spaces with so much personality!

Wanting to know where to find some beautiful tile stencils? Here are some that I like:

#10 Renew your lighting

Ok, I know, lighting can be really expensive but you can find pretty good sales in the internet or diy your own! Lighting can be used to make a statement in the room so you can show your decoration style with it.

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