Curious as to how you can choose a curtain rod that matches your home decor? Want to know how to decorate with plants? or How to choose a home palette?

This is the right place!

This are the series for all the people who likes doing things on their own or for those who are looking to saving some money.

I was researching wich type and color of rods would look better in my home and I found myself overwhelmed with options.

So I decided to make a quick guide to help anyone else who doesn’t know where to start.

Let’s number the steps to make it easier!

1. Nailing your rod size

This may sound silly because you may be thinking, how can I go wrong when sizing my curtain rods?

But if you don’t know, you need to size up on the rod, this will help you create the illusion that your windows are bigger that they really are.

Also, knowing the exact measurements of your rod will make it smoother when it’s time to choose your curtains.

In my opinion, you should go for rods that go 10-13inches (25-30cm) more than the actual length of your window.

Why do you need to go bigger? For 3 simple reasons:

  • First, because if your rod is exactly the same length of your window the light will permeate through the sides, and if the intent is to block the light, it wouldn’t be to useful, would it?
  • Second, a bigger rod lets the curtains rest against the wall. So when you want to open the window the curtains won’t block the light and air coming in the room.
  • Lastly, is an esthetic reason, a bigger rod makes for the illusion of bigger windows which gives a great visual in the room.

As for the rod thickness, I find it better to go for at least 1 inch (2.5cm) rods because it gives you better support, helps prevent curving and it is esthetically pleasant.

Nobody wants for their curtains to curve in the middle, right?

Getting right your rods ideal size is, in my opinion, 50% of the way!

2. Choosing a rod color

There are various tips for choosing a rod color, the ones that I find less confusing are:

  • Look for the darker color in your space and use it as a reference to choose the curtain rod. It will bring a nice contrast to the room. It may give you the impression that it will leave the space heavy and darker but in reality, as you can see in the image at the left, everything is well balanced and the living is still really bright and inviting with the rods matching with the coffee and side tables legs. Think of the rod as the eyeliner in your makeup, it frames the whole picture (don’t remember where I read that but, it makes complete sense to me!).

This beautiful living room was found on Pinterest and it is from Micheala’s blog

  • If the result you want is to hide the rod and not make the curtains into a focal point you can choose a rod and curtain that’s the same color of your wall, as you can see in the image beside, where the curtains blend in with the walls and give a really bright and breathy look to the room.

This image was found on Pinterest and it is from the link below:

  • Another tip that i found easy to use was to look for the predominant color in the space. Like the picture beside, chromed decor items speak very well with the gray furniture, making for a chic and balanced room.

This image was found on Pinterest and it is from the link below:

3. Choosing your rod tip

After choosing your rods color, choosing the tip is the final step.

The tip model will be associated to your house style.

If your in doubt of what type matches your style an easy way is to make the most of searching images on Pinterest, Instagram and Google for inspiration!

That way looking at references that resembles the style your going for can make it easier to decide.

The rod curtains are a small element, that I think it sometimes goes unnoticed but is that attention to the little details that can make or brake your decor.

One last tip!

You don’t need to use the same rod color in the entire house, the choice of rod will vary on the space it will be, the design you want to go for and each person personal decorating style.

That’s it guys! Hope this 3 step guide helps you to achieve your curtain dream project! It was really fun trying to make this guide tiny, clear and easy to use…Hope i achieved it! lol

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Leave your comment below! I would love to hear what you think!