On the post before I talked about choosing your curtain rod, so following up the window treatment process, here’s the how to choose curtains guide!

When the subject is curtains, we’ve got various items to consider.

So in order to make your choosing decisions easier, here are the steps:

1. Picking the right curtain size

Now that you already have the right size for your curtain rod (in case you missed it, click here for the curtain rod guide ) , choosing the curtain is easier.

First, take in consideration where the curtain is going to be placed, so that way you can pick a length suitable for it.

Above, i made a sketch so i could visual explain it better. When is time to instal the rod you should look for 2 things:

  • First, as explained in the rod guide, go 10-13inches (25-30cm) more than the actual length of your window.
  • Second, if possible hang the rod as closer to the ceiling as possible, something between 5-10 inches (10 a 25cm) above your window to create the illusion of bigger and higher windows.

When that’s done, choose the length of the curtain by deciding what do you want to put under the window, do you want an office area? a sitting area? or simply nothing?

If the window is going to be free of any furniture the full length look is really nice.

However, if you need a desk, the sill length will be the best option so that the curtain doesn’t get in the way when you’re working.

Always remember that design needs to be functional as well as beautiful, if it looks pretty but it’s not functional maybe you should think about changing it up, because in the day to day it may get in your way.

2. Choosing the fabric for your curtains

When choosing the fabric of your curtains you should answers 2 questions:

  • where is this curtain going to installed? (bedroom, kitchen, living room..)
  • what do you want to achieve with this curtain? (privacy, privacy and luminosity control

If the curtain is going to be installed in the living room, you should opt for light fabrics, which gives you privacy but still lets the light through, so you don’t end up in a dungeon just for the sake of privacy.

Another case is when the curtain is for the tv room or bedroom, double rods are perfect because you can add one light fabric and another more heavy.

So when your not using the spaces they are still private and have natural light.

But when you want to use them, you can pull the blackout panel and make them perfect for movie time or nap time!

3. Choosing a color

Color and prints of your curtains are going to be decided on personal taste.

In my case, i prefer to use neutral colors on big things like curtains, sofas, chairs and tables so its easier to add color in smaller objects like pillows, rugs or vases, if I get bored of them. Also, it is cheaper to change a pillow than a sofa! right? lol

People who likes color and prints can seize this moment to make the curtains a focal point in the room. Play with colors and textures, just like this beautiful curtain beside, with a lighter printed panel bringing privacy and some fun in the room while still letting all that natural light come in and heavier panels full of color bringing more texture to the space.

Image sourced from Pinterest: https://br.pinterest.com/pin/443041682092133105/

4. Choosing custom or off-the-shelf curtains

Custom curtains let you personalize everything and gives you a tailored look but they come with a salty price.

So if you’re on a budget, go for the of-the-shelf curtains premium lines, they will have heavier fabrics and will give you better product-price return.

HOT TIP! Don’t forget to take into consideration whether the curtain fabric you chose can be machine washed or if it is dry clean only. This will affect your final budget.

That’s it! if you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate and leave a comment below.

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