Hello guys!! I’m starting this series of posts to share with you the renovation process of the house me and my husband just bought! Before, we lived on a rental apartment and as you might know, theres not much we can do to make the space feel like ours when the owner doesn’t let you, right?

But here we are! New adventures coming to make this house feel like a home and with our style.

Before moving in, we decided to hire a contractor, because putting down walls, exchanging tiles and flooring and doing electrical work it’s better if you call for professionals, we don’t want to go knocking down walls that could make our house go down too, right? lol

So, we removed the kitchen wall (check the floorpan below) to expand it because it was tiny! and there was spare room to make it happen, with that, we even gained an informal eating area to use on the daily basis and don’t have to use the formal dining room all the time. We also changed the bathrooms tiles and flooring but I will be talking in detail about that in other post.

Original Floor plan

As you can see, above is the original floor plan, with a really weird medium space that would be to tiny for a dining space or a family room and the kitchen felt like a prison, so an open concept would work even better here! Below is the new floor plan layout after removing the wall. We decided not to remove all the walls so we could still have a built-in furniture to separate the entrance of the home and win on storage space for the kitchen because storage is never too much!

New Floor plan

As i said before, we gained a cute little eating area which helps a lot when you don’t have space for an island and don’t want to use the formal dining room all the time leaving it messy, because mess happens! and in a home with space I don’t know you guys, but it seems little messy areas begin to spur all around!

Anyways, lol, bringing the wall down also helped with the space flow and allowed for better communication when we have visits at home. This was the biggest change (that it’s not that big…) in the house layout and I think it was a great decision!

How about you guys? is there anything you would like to change in your house layout? Comment below!

Leave your comment below! I would love to hear what you think!